Keltec PF9 Magazine Release Button Replacment

PF9 Magazine release spring and replacement.

Just a quick note here.  Learned a valuable lesson about spare parts, guns, shooting, etc.  I was out with my firearms instructor from GAPP a couple weeks ago doing some basic pistol training.  When I started using my CCW firearm, which is a Kel-Tec PF9.  I probably have about 500 rounds through it at various ranges.  It’s been a great pistol to carry because it is thin and comfortable.  Additionally, I enjoy shooting it.  Many people tell me they feel like it kicks like a mule because it is such a light gun.  Nonetheless, I like it.

To my point, however, we were out at the range, and I began firing.  After the first round, the round the magazine ejected, an expired round ejected, and a new one did not cycle.  I thought that was weird.  I reseated the magazine, charged the weapon, and fired another round.  Exact same scenario as the first round.  I then switched magazines.  Same problem.  I set and fired again, watching where I put my thumbs thinking I was squeezing the magazine release when I fired.  Nope, that was not the problem.  I had Cam from GAPP fire the PF9 a couple times, and the problem was replicated every time.  He took a closer look at it, and clearly there was a defect or problem somewhere.  So, I did a little research online and on Facebook.  I came across a Facebook group for PF9 owners, and joined, I also did a bunch of research online.  I found that this is a pretty common issue for PF9’s.

I reached out to the Kel-Tec with the issue, and they promptly go t back to me and asked for my address to send a new magazine release and spring.  It came in about four or five days.  Impressive customer service thus far.  I replaced both the slide release button and spring today.  It was 20% a pain in the ass.  Not too bad.  And then it hit me.  Something I already knew; I need more spare parts for gun maintenance.  How could I have forgotten about this.  There are so many aspects of disaster preparedness that I try to keep track of, this has completely slipped my mind, and arguably my wallet is probably happy I’ve forgotten about it as well.  It seems like one of those topics you really do not keep track of until you have an issue.

I really just wanted to make the point here that there are things we all forget about or don’t think about until something goes wrong.  Don’t kill yourself trying to do it all, and if you have to, make a list so that you can get to it when you can.  I’ll be doing some research on common issues on all the guns that I own, and making some contingency plans around replacement parts to keep in stock so I can fix them on the fly.

An interesting lesson for me…

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