I had a friend in town this weekend from Florida. Ms. Prepper and I went into NYC last night to go to dinner. While in the cab downtown on the lower east side, as we were driving around the 20th street area, wasn’t I surprised to see an MRAP (https://www.leidos.com/sites/default/files/u14/mrap1.jpg) parked on the uptown side of the street, and a few feet up on the downtown side of the street, there were a few Humvees parked. Additionally, the police presence was through the roof. Not just police, but there were black SUVs EVERYWHERE with US Govt. plates. I could keep going on & on Vans full of cops and feds everywhere. I have not seen anything like this since 9/11. I will say, no tactical teams were out. I assume they were sitting in the vans & SUV’s awaiting deployment to wherever they might be needed.

It was a little surprising to see an MRAP and the Humvees. I am not sure if they were local, state, or federal as I didn’t see a plate because we went by so quickly. But I am going out on a limb and saying that there are more stashed on residential side streets all over the city.

I also read yesterday that while Deblasio is blowing his horn about retraining the police, they have over $1MM in overtime already because of the protests. Not sure if there is a by design correlation here. Additionally, Ms. Prepper heard from an NYPD friend of her’s yesterday that there is medium to high terror alert as domestic islamic militants are being encouraged to engage the NYPD (and assuming other cities PDs) during protests and attempt to kill them in public. So it is probably fair to say they are on very high alert. I cannot stress enough the police were ALL OVER THE CITY last evening. You could not go anywhere without seeing packs of them.

While it has been documented that the protests have been heavily coordinated by far left organizations, this is almost a perfect storm if it keeps up gong forward for islamic jihadists. I believe, especially if there is some accident that sparks more outrage. Not a good time to be on the job, if you ask me.

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