2013 was an interesting year for me.  I didn’t blog as much as I have blogged in the past, and I think that was apparent to everyone.  I prepped less this year than I have in the past.  In fact by comparison to the past several years, it was mostly nonexistent.  So what didn’t I do this year:

  • Prep (in general),
  • Did less camping (weather related and other reasons (see below)),
  • Took fewer courses to improve skills,
  • Traveled less for work and personal enjoyment,
  • Bought less food storage,
  • Bought less ammo, and shot less this year than I have in years
  • Planned less

What happened?  A couple of things, actually:

  • Work became a bear,
  • Money got tighter in 2013,
  • I started a side company (a technology company) to service small businesses,
  • My Bug Out Vehicle was plagued with issues that needed repair (and was fortunate enough to have repaired),
  • Got a girlfriend, and a dog (the real highlight of my year),
  • Started a new job

Need less to say, there was a lot that distracted me this year, and not sure I handled the way it could have been handled.  I’m thankful I was able to start a new job, I’m thankful for a lot of things, and that includes my the fantastic woman that I am in a relationship with.  She puts up with me, but still does not understand, I think, the full scope of which I prep.  Not that I am fanatical.  I am not.  But she may question the level of food storage.  However, with the addition of my significant other in my life, and the dog, I realize my food preps have been cut in half or less than half, and must begin prepping again.

A few realizations hit me over the past couple of months, however:

  1. As mentioned, I need to ramp up food storage for two people and a dog (and the dog has special nutritional needs, so standard dog food is out of the question) ,
  2. My BOV is inadequate for bugging out with two people, the dog, and a trailer (it’s a Jeep Wrangler with the rear seat removed and a security box added).  Although, I am in search of a used SCAMP that is light enough to be pulled by the Jeep,
  3. The quest for a secluded BOL is getting further away, as we discuss our future together and dollars must be put into other places that were unanticipated (more on this another time) and it is time to get a bit more creative…,
  4. I have to hit the new job hard, as I am in sales, and performance the criteria upon which that I am judged,
  5. Grow the side company so that it can supplement my income with a monthly recurring revenue stream and position it for growth
  6. Take more classes and courses to improve skills including the HAM Radio license, become an NRA instructor, etc. that I have put off for a year.  The HAM Radio gear I bought, is going to waste, currently.  I need to put together a plan on what I want to learn in 2014, and go after that as well…

I am sure I am missing a few items in the above because I am writing this without an outline.  However, one thing weighs on me, and that is that I did not prep much this past year.  I am sure I am not alone, and I am sure there are others who have dug into their preps for various reasons other than to rotate them.

I did become closer to a couple of self reliant individuals.  Good men and families that have their heads on straight and have been through floods, hurricanes, economic crisis and collapse, etc. in the past.

I am thinking about selling the BOV, and possibly buying a pick up truck that can pull more weight, and a larger trailer.  But this is going to require some planning…  Especially with some of the other mentioned costs coming up that were unanticipated costs.

What affected your prepping this year?  What are you doing in 2014 to make a change or continue ahead?  Feel free to comment below, and let me know.

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