As I spend time writing this post, I am on a plane watching the film Contigion. If you have not seen it, it’s a film about a pandemic that started and begins to be widely spread by those traveling. As the film progresses, it is found that the pandemic is a deeply deadly virus. The CDC gets involved after a handful of coincidental deaths around the globe. Matt Damon stars in it as someone who’s wife and stepson dies, and he is put in isolation. As you can imagine, the pandemic beings to slowly spiderweb across the globe. As I watched, I realized I had to write a post as I was watching it. The film seems eerily realistic, and frankly seems like an awakening of sorts for me (again) in this area.

That said, I travel quite a bit for work. Watching this film and knowing how I travel and the germs I get exposed to, I often laugh and say I am immune to the common cold and the flu. However, assuming that something was weaponized (allegedly). Or assuming it is a mutated version of something like H1N1 that I come in contact with I could carry it to and from place to place. Not to mention, pick it up and potentially become infected myself to who knows what end.

This film chronicles flash mobs for pseudo cures in pharmacy’s, as well as looting, and runs on grocery stores, etc. State borders were sealed off and in this case Illinois was quarantined. No one was allowed into the state or out. I think a lot of research went into this film.

The CDC / DHS suggested, in the film, that casino’s are a point where something can spread rapidly. I can attest to this, because I once left Las Vegas with pink eye after spending a bit of time at a casino. Research online has shown that it was an epidemic while I was there when I checked online after returning home. In addition, another time I was in Las Vegas a casino had an outbreak of Legionnaires disease. Casino’s are a cesspool of disease. Just do the research online for yourself.

This film, personally speaking, is a must see as I believe it might actually dictate in a slightly realistic fashion what may happen from a CDC / World Health Organization perspective and “business process” to finding the answers that may take to save lives or prevent disaster. My point, is that it is a slow process, and slow processes can be a real issue for the public.

Statistic, from the film, of course: The average person touches their face an average of 3,000 times a day. You can imagine after hearing that I was very conscious of touching my face.

It makes those Jesse Ventura conspiracy theories about the plastic coffin’s stacked up in waiting a little surreal.

I realize I keep touching my face. So weird. The woman two seats across from me (a very nice woman from France traveling to LA) is sick, and this seems a little weird.

This brings me to the thought of not just purchasing N95 masks, but to get back on the band-wagon and and get the NBC gear I have been putting off buying. I have been looking at NBC gear for some time. It is something that, while I have been putting off, primarily because I am an apartment dweller, and more gear takes up space. Aside from the gear, it is time to buy plastic sheeting and more rolls of duct tape to seal off windows and doors for a bug in period, however long that needs to be. All the more reason to continue prepping and adding to food preps. If there is a bug in period everyone will need enough water and food to sustain you and your family without going outside.

I keep touching my face.

What the film showed, and other films like it that I have seen in the past, is that a pandemic, while it starts with one person is quickly passed from person to person and the disease exchange happens exponentially. This is potentially most deadly. A vaccination, it produced quickly, could still take months to get to inoculation of the sick. Millions of deaths will continue to occur until that time. Isolating yourself from a virus (and the people infected with it), could be the easiest way to save yourself from the worst. All the more reason for me to buy that plastic sheeting and duct tape…

I touched my face again.

And again.

It’s time to kick the food and water storage up as well. It seems to me that it could take minimum, nine to 12 months just to provide a vaccine to a population. Minimum.

How many of you are prepared or preparing specifically for a pandemic? What have you done to prepare? Please let me know. I would be interested in learning what you know as well…


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