As an individual who believes in Liberty, Non-Aggression, Self-Defense, Self-Ownership and a Free Market without state interference it is Jesse’s firm belief that we should all be better students in life. His autodactic education in American History, World Religious History, Government and accredited education in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Deviance and Drug Related offenses and crime allows his philosophy to be ever changing. So be critical, he will gladly attempt to respond to all intellectual and honest criticisms. Contact Jesse at [email protected] however, please understand that he receives several hundred emails daily and may not necessarily have the time to respond to them all.

In everything there is an aura, a quality that resonates a variety of harmonies depending on whom you speak with. The gun is seen by many as malevolent, an entity capable of great harm unto itself. By others it is an implement, a necessary tool for the defense of self and others. For myself it is a part of the art of the gun, a necessary component in this physically disabled persons desire for peace.

The obvious question raised by the statement above is, “How can you be peaceful or desire peace if you train in martial arts or carry a firearm?” Peace is not just about tranquility, peace is also security of oneself, harmony in personal relations or a state of mutual agreement between entities. To be truly secure as an individual one must be both willing and able to protect oneself against unfortunate possibilities that may occur, be they human, animal or natural in design.

History shows that people have carried rocks, clubs, swords, bows and much more for defense. History also shows that the large percentage of deaths relating to the use of weapons have occurred at the behest of government,  Additionally, history reflects that whenever a government restricted the ability of the population to defend itself, either against the government or criminals they have adapted and created some of the finest physical martial art systems in the world. Muy Thai, Escrima, Kung Fu, Karate and more were invented and spread in no small part due to the states desire to see the people defenseless for the sake of enslavement.

Weapons too have been transformed literally from farming implements to supplement a population of individuals made defenseless by its ruling masters. The Ton-fa, Bo, Nun-chucks and more were taken from common farming implements and adapted to make interesting and effective defensive weapons. Entire schools of martial arts and philosophies surround many of these weapons and many long years can easily be spent learning the use of just one of these antiquated and yet still effective tools.

Weapons have evolved with time and technology and now we have firearms and with firearms we have people who would rather not see these tools in the hands of the general population. I have spoken with politicians, police officers and individuals in the training world who dislike that I learn and teach the same tactics allowed for law enforcement and military to regular citizens. There are organizations partially funded by or that support political leaders specifically designed to discredit the need and use of firearms. As a student of history it is easy for me to respond to all of the previously mentioned people and organizations.

When the people cannot defend themselves dictators rule. When the people will not defend themselves death occurs. When people do not take personal responsibility for their own security there is none. History outlines what happens when people are kept from defending themselves. Hitler banned guns and slaughtered millions of his own citizens. Pol Pot banned private gun ownership and than murdered millions. The same thing has happened since before the Pharaohs of Egypt, and though I am not a religious person the Old Testament clearly outlines what happened to the Jews when they had their ability to defend themselves restricted by the Pharaoh.

At no point in history has taking away the ability of the common man to defend themselves ended positively. However, does this address the Path of the Gun? In some ways, it does, by helping the common man understand that the handgun is the modern short sword and the rifle it bow and arrow we show that just as we drive cars instead of ride in horse drawn carts we have evolved. There are those who would say that we should have no need for weapons, I would submit that those individuals are neither students of history nor the present realities of the world. At this point in history over just the last 200 years governments have slaughtered more people, destroyed more property and caused more mayhem than throughout any other period of history combined.

Now more than ever the common man needs to arm themselves, to learn the path of the gun, or to at least understand it. Now more than ever the common man should be prepared for the day when the state they currently rely on turns on them and rapes their women, steals their homes and murders their men. History shows us this is not just a theory, it is a reality, it happens, has happened, and will continue to happen as long as the state exists. Until man evolves past the need for masters and gods we will continue to be oppressed, murdered, raped and will need to defend ourselves. On a much smaller scale there is the non state related criminal element. Defense of self against them is also necessary, and for someone like myself who is physically incapable of running away or engaging in a match of muscles the path of the gun allows me to practice a martial art and still defend myself.

I have a daughter, wife and son, they mean more to me than any other human on the planet. I hope to raise them to understand that defense of self is never bad, and by embracing the positive aspects of the path of the gun it is possible and even likely that they will continue the tradition. More importantly, I will teach them what I have learned. I will teach them the Non Aggression Principle, and to Do No Harm. I will teach them that self-defense is not aggression, that directing harm at someone or something is never good unless in defense of self. I will teach them to think, reason and use logic. And I will teach them to avoid problems whenever possible, that this approach to life is not cowardly but intelligent.

I have been putting together a program that allows me to teach beginners how to approach the martial art that is the path of the gun. Much like Bruce Lee did when he stepped outside the boundaries of conventional martial arts my approach discards many things that leading trainers across the United States would have you believe are essential aspects. However, because I am disabled, and others are female, male, youths, elderly and more I see a strict one approach as a hindrance to the path of the gun. As a result my approach has been more Daoist in nature, adapting as water to the terrain, flowing around obstacles and creating beautiful success stories in the process.

The path of the gun is not to be discarded lightly, and if you are one of those who believes guns to be the great evil on the planet. Remember, its not guns in the hands of the common man that cause the problems, numerically it is your state and its minions who would win that race hands down.

Stop, think, and remember liberty begins with the mind.

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