A few thoughts on the election: I try to avoid the politics, but this morning I feel compelled to speak out. I stayed up late last evening to watch the election results in disbelief.

  • Being a conservative.
  • Being a person who just wants to be left alone to work and live.
  • Being a person who believes in the Constitution in it’s literal sense.
  • Being a person that believes that luck is when opportunity meets preparedness.
  • Being a person with a good heart, is passionate about his work, and that generally has a positive outlook on life.
  • Being a person that is a realist.

I awoke the same way I went to bed at about 2:00 a.m. Eastern Time this morning. I awoke feeling beaten. I awoke feeling like the dream of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, that truth, justice, and the American way, that being an American is somehow, now different from what it was as a child of the 80’s growing up vaguely remembering sitting in the back seat of my parents car as a young child sitting in the gas lines for hours while my parents waited for gas, as I now do as an adult in the state of NJ post Hurricane Sandy.

The upside, more people again came out this year and voted than had in the past 20+ years of voting. People voted for their second time ever. Sadly, they voted for:

  • Personal and business tax increases
  • Increased leverage in the Senate keeping them further from wanting to compromise in the center to achieve goals of the people.
  • More executive orders that will never be publicized further limiting our freedoms
  • Fear for the First and Second Amendments are up for slaughter as we know them.
  • More national debt
  • Obamacare, which will put doctors out of business, and make waiting for health care unbearable for those that need it immediately.
  • I fear for Israel and the changes that will come to the Middle East in the coming years. They are on their own.
  • Energy as we know it is going to change as we know it, and more jobs will be lost in that sector.

I woke in a veritable depression. I woke looking out the window not recognizing the street in which I live, although it is impossible for it to change less a natural or manmade disaster. Ironically, I had hope. I had hope for change. I had hope that our nation’s population was not a nation that would be looking for handouts. A country that wanted to get up and build itself again.

Yet I woke this morning feeling the liberties and the freedoms that I believe in are about to change, forever, permanently.  Did I think Romney was the right alternative.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure.  Did I believe that Romney could change the economy and create jobs in a frist term of a presidency?  I did not.  The jobs, sadly are permanently gone from out economy.  They are all outsourced and not coming home, both manufacturing and administrative in nature.  Very drastic measure would have to have been made hurting business at home to bring back manufacturing.  But I will post a whole set of thoughts on that another time.

I feel nothing is going to change.  I feel nothing is going to get better for those that have been hurting now for 5+ years.  I feel our President’s personal agenda will continue to trump the needs of the people.  Will out incumbent president mend fences, make change, and can we hope that he reaches across the isle to make real compromise and make real change the people can believe in?  Again, I “hope” so, but my hope is gone.  My hope is fallen through a hole in the floor.

Again, we as people must work harder to:

  • Earn less money
  • Watch the landscape of our lives transform in front of us.
  • Watch the self entitled get handouts without trying to make change or innovation in their own or others lives
  • Watch int he next 12 – 36 months as we become like Greece as we go north of $20B in national debt
  • Watch as our children’t future is fundamentally changed before our eyes, ensuring that they have to make 300,000+ dollars annually to eek out an average living at best as adults, assuming they are ambitious enough not to be part of the handout system.

I fear we will no longer be the United “States” of America, but are not moving towards the United “State” of America.  One in which we will not see the wheels of prosperity, nor will we see the wheels of liberty.  I leave you now, lost in my own thoughts as I try to make sense of them by writing this post.  I no longer know how to feel or what to think.  Everything I think I was taught about the experiment of our Republic is falling apart before my eyes.  Am I going to be the sr. citizen that is sitting on the park bench in 30 or so years saying, “I remember when we were free” in a whisper to a child playing in the park?

One thing remains a fact, however.  A fact that is undeniably as solid as a 100+ year old oak tree; that we have become a nation of sheep.  A nation of takers, a nation where the entitlement mindset trump human innovation?  Questions for me to ponder.  Questions for you to ponder.

I implore you to comment with your thoughts.  I am eager to learn what others are thinking.  Even comment anonymously if you must.  I would still like to hear from you.

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