So after my test of the Ammo in my Henry AR-7 this past weekend, I emailed Henry’s customer service department with a simple question about the mis-feeding of the ammunition.  To my surprise, I received an email from the CEO/President of the the company apologizing about the problems with the AR-7, and that they would like me to send the unit back for review, and repair if necessary.  They also mentioned it would be a 21 day turnaround.  I asked if I could simply drop it off at their location in Bayonne, NJ, but he again replied saying it had to be shipped.  I certainly understand not swaying from process, assuming it is going back to the NJ location.  

I requested the UPS shipping label they said they would send to me, and I will be sending the unit back to them for review.  If there is an issue with mine, there may be an issue with several others out there that say they have the same problem as I do.  If they can fix this, it would be great so that the unit is more ammo friendly.

So far, my impression is very favorable of Henry’s customer service.  If they can fix the the issue, I will be excited.  If they cannot, at least they tried, were proactive, and responded, which is more than I can say for many organizations today who outsource their customer service.  The CEO replied to me.  Let’s see what they can do next.

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