I am craft­ing a “What Would You Do” Install­ment series.  I would like to hear from you the read­er more.  This series will pro­vide you with a sim­ple sce­nario every two weeks.  You will have a week to respond via a form or email, and once the con­test is over, all the respons­es will be put up as a post for every­one to see, and the win­ner announced.  I am devel­op­ing cri­te­ria now for the con­tests, as well as prizes.  Besides work, this is why I have been qui­et for the past cou­ple of days.

In addi­tion to the prizes and the con­tests, you will also earn points as you par­tic­i­pate, that will be queued up by the blog, as I just installed a new tool for this, and you will com­pete with oth­er par­tic­i­pants for oth­er prizes as well…  As I work with ven­dors on this, some of these prizes will be paid for out of my own pock­et, (so don’t expect a 200 dol­lar mul­ti tool, unless a poten­tial ven­dor decides they want to give one away to you, which will be a larg­er prize as you go up the lad­der for suc­cess).

There are only a few weeks left in 2010, and there is a lot to get done.  I start a new job next week, which I pre­sume will keep me VERY busy and I may be post­ing a lit­tle less, but I will kick off the con­tests in 2011 for you.

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