Surplus Rifles

As one of my previous articles shared, I love the Mosin -Nagant surplus rifles. The Mosin is not my only surplus rifle. I also have a good collection of Carl Gustavs Swedish Mausers in 6.5x55SE. I must confess theses are my favorite rifles. The 6.5x55SE is a fairly... Read more

I Forgot My EDC…

Well, I am in Florida on business. I’m here for a week. Maybe longer. I’m happy to be here, because it seems winter has finally met with the Northeast. However, I feel naked. I left my travel EDC kit in my my GHB accidentally, in the trunk of my car. All I... Read more
The Becker BK 2 Knife

The Becker BK 2 Knife

The Becker BK2 by Ka-Bar. I’ve had this knife for several months, and keep forgetting to write a review of it. So, here it is… In hindsight, I remember pulling this knife out of the box… My first impression was how heavy it was. My second impression... Read more