Reality check: Some people are just more prepared for events of life than others.

“Events” can be anything from a personal emergency to an unexpected home expense to a family emergency to a natural disaster to something good like a great job or investment or trip opportunity when it presents itself.

“Prepared” can be anything from having your personal (and perhaps business) finances in order to having tools and supplies on hand to having the skills and education and experience and insight to seize an opportunity.

For some people it is a conscious effort. And yes, some people do take it to great extremes (but who knows, they may yet be right). But for most being prepared is just in their nature. It isn’t a certainty. No one can prepare for the unknown. All you can do is consider scenarios, decide the likelihood of them happening, then preparing as best you can accordingly.

People who live their lives prepared are natural leaders by example. Even if they don’t see themselves as leaders just the way they live shows leadership by (hopefully) setting the tone for others to emulate and be inspired by. Or perhaps giving ideas to others to follow.

People who are prepared are seen as reliable people in life. That is, those around them know they can be relied upon. Even if they try to hide their preparations just the way a prepared person conducts their lives – the things they buy and how they buy them, the places they go, the entertainments they choose, etc. – all form a bigger picture of someone who is cautious, analytic, not prone to flights of fancy (usually), stable and reliable. You just can’t hide your nature.

There is the dark side to being reliable: People will take advantage of you!

People will see that you are reliable and stable and prepared – so why should they be?

You’ll be there to bail them out, right?
After all, you’re a good person. You’re a good friend.
You won’t let them suffer and sink, right?

This is where responsibility comes in. But unfortunately, responsibility is a dirty word in today’s society. Maybe even an obsolete concept for too many people. You see it all the time. People just go somewhere or do something and expect that the invisible amorphous “somebody” will take care of them and resolve all problems.

Leader can lead but as the saying goes you can only lead a horse to water.


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