Just like generations past, there are plenty of issues on the horizon that present a challenge to our day and age. Almost every day someone predicts doom is around the corner, mostly so they can point to their YouTube video or blog and say “I told you so.”  We are continually hearing that:

To be certain, there are a lot of possible crisises that could happen at any time. Unfortunately or fortunately, such high impact events are nearly impossible to accurately predict in advance. A true Black Swan will not make itself known until after the fact. Anyone that tells you different is mistaken or lying. Sorry. A true SHTF scenario is not predictable.

Because we are saturated with so much gloom and doom by society in general and by being a member of the prepper community specifically, it is extremely easy to have the doomsday blues or be depressed.  I am extremly positive person and sometimes the mound upon mound upon mound of negative news and predictions of more to come can be overwheming. Dealing with it on a day to day basis is not easy.  Here is what I do to combat the Doomsday Blues:

  1. Turn it off. Stop watching Glen Beck and reading Lights Out. If you cannot turn it off, limit your exposure and realize that your mental state is affected by what you see and what you hear.
  2. Realize that if the US is going to collapse, there is probably nothing you can do about it. It is either going to happen or not.
  3. Stop preparing for specific scenarios and focus on preps that address most of them. That is, if you are preparing for a hurricane strike, those same preps will help you deal with a dirty bomb or a short-term grid failure. If you are preparing for a currency collapse by getting gold, silver and copper, those same preps will help you deal with the post-SHTF barter economy.
  4. Realize that prepping is just not about the doomsday, but living a better life, regardless. Having preps makes me sleep better at night.  I know that my household is resilient and can survive 90% of potensial scenarios. The other 5% I will improvise, adapt and overcome. The last 5% I am dead before I realize it and it does not matter anyway (if it is just me, my wife will have enough life insurance to make it without me).

Above all, don’t allow yourself to think 24/7 about the coming apocolypse! Take time to live life and savor the wonderful world that is out there, come hell or high water!

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