Hurricane Sandy… Two Years Later

by Cameron Green of GAPP March 23, 2015 Bug In

The events of October 2012  in the NY/NJ area are well known to the nation.  Hurricane sandy made landfall and wreaked havoc on many towns.  Being one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, the damage was in the billions.  Major parts of the NY and NJ infrastructure were damaged including railways, roads, […]

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Back to the Basics

by Prepperjim March 7, 2012 Preparedness

I’ve been prepping for about 18 months now and have kind of lost the spark that drives me to keep going. I really have not done anything for the past two months other than listen to The Survival Podcast and some other “small” projects (subject of future posts). So, I figure it is time to go […]

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Survival Heater for Your Car, My Test

by suburban February 13, 2012 Fire

I know. Everyone has done a YouTube lesson on how to build one of these inexpensive emergency heaters for your car. Honestly, I had to try it for myself to be sure that it “worked.” Many people use empty steel coffee cans, some people improvise and use what they might have in the garage as […]

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Hurricane Irene, What I Missed, What I Didn’t, and What I Learned.

by suburban August 31, 2011 Bug In

Admittedly, I missed the “center” of Hurricane Irene. Rather, I missed the heart of the storm. I made my way west to Pennsylvania, not to bug out, but to a good friends bachelor party.  The upside is that I was going to be west of Irene.  The downside, if there is one, is that (in […]

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Suburban’s Updated Travel EDC

by suburban August 25, 2011 Crime

As promised, this is my post about my expanded Travel EDC.  It seems the more I travel, the more I think I need when on the road.  I am finding there is a fine balance between having what you think you might need in an emergency, and just packing your whole Get Home Bag in […]

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Different Story, Different Result

by Prepperjim May 15, 2011 Self Reliance

I noted previously that a lady survived 49 days in the wilderness of Nevada. Today, I read a story of a man who was trapped in Oregon and died after approximately 60 days. McDonald, 68, liked to camp. While he didn’t have a lot of food, he had gallon jugs of water, a jack for […]

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Survival 49 Days

by Prepperjim May 12, 2011 Water

On Monday, I read this incredible story of a woman surviving in the Nevada wilderness:  For 49 days, Rita Chretien waited for a miracle. Her husband had ventured off to get help three days after their minivan got stranded off-road in the cold, untamed Nevada wilderness. That left Rita alone without much beyond some hard […]

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Apartment Prepping for Fall and Winter

by suburban September 1, 2010 Bug In

Well, the end of August is coming, and the weather is starting to change a bit; evenings are getting cooler, and days are starting to get a bit shorter.  This to me is a clear sign of a few things.  One, some of my Bug Out Bag contents need to be rotated out soon with […]

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What Are We Talking Here, Man Made Disasters or Natural Disasters?

by suburban September 1, 2010 Personal

Well, while I am semi watching a little TV this evening, I figured I would bring up a topic that I seldom discuss.  Natural disasters.  In the past couple years, natural disasters have been front and center to everyone, partially due to how swiftly the media can get data on situations and report on it. […]

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Fortify Your Winter Camp if You Bug Out

by suburban August 18, 2010 Bug Out

So, I thought this was pretty cool, and some good advise.  In the event you have to bug out in the winter whether you start out on foot, or start out in a vehicle and then end up on foot in the winter with an ample level of snow on the ground, you may end […]

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