Natural Disaster

Hurricane Sandy… Two Years Later

by Cameron Green of GAPP March 23, 2015 Bug In

The events of October 2012  in the NY/NJ area are well known to the nation.  Hurricane sandy made landfall and wreaked havoc on many towns.  Being one of the most densely populated areas on the planet, the damage was in the billions.  Major parts of the NY and NJ infrastructure were damaged including railways, roads, […]

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Reading Disaster Signs from the Animals

by suburban January 17, 2014 Guest Post

There is no shortage of people that are happy to tell you their predictions about major disasters, or even the end of the world. Just check the headlines on any number of small blogs or the tabloids, and you will find at least a handful of people at any given time predicting our demise or […]

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Hurricane Sandy, Five Days Without Power, Three Weeks Later, and the Gear That Made My Life Easier

by suburban November 23, 2012 Gear

This is my (Suburban’s)  slightly overdue postmortem of Hurricane Sandy.  It’s Thanksgiving day as I write this, and I want to say thank you again to all of you, my readers, as well as a Happy Thanksgiving to you and your families.  My thoughts this holiday weekend are with those who’s homes and lives have […]

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Hurricane Sandy, a Review, by a Contributing Author from Long Island

by suburban November 13, 2012 Bug In

A contributing writer to the Suburban Survival Blog, and lives on Long Island hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  I’ve asked him for his post mortem recount of the hurricane, what worked and what did not work for him during the storm, power outage, and overal disaster here in the Northeast.  By the time this is […]

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