March 2012

The Path of the Gun; explaining the virtue in the martial art that involves firearms, by Jesse Mathewson

by suburban March 26, 2012 Guns / Weapons

As an individual who believes in Liberty, Non-Aggression, Self-Defense, Self-Ownership and a Free Market without state interference it is Jesse’s firm belief that we should all be better students in life. His autodactic education in American History, World Religious History, Government and accredited education in Criminal Justice, Juvenile Deviance and Drug Related offenses and crime […]

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Pandemic Thoughts, and How’s Your NBC & Quarantine Gear?

by suburban March 23, 2012 Pandemic

As I spend time writing this post, I am on a plane watching the film Contigion. If you have not seen it, it’s a film about a pandemic that started and begins to be widely spread by those traveling. As the film progresses, it is found that the pandemic is a deeply deadly virus. The […]

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BTB Part 2 – Food

by Prepperjim March 14, 2012 Preparedness

Last week, I discussed water storage and what I my preparations are in this area. This post will discuss my food storage preps and how I approach the issue. This is a much more complex subject because everyone eats different food and will approach food preps in a different way. At the heart of the matter is the ability to survive […]

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Back to the Basics

by Prepperjim March 7, 2012 Preparedness

I’ve been prepping for about 18 months now and have kind of lost the spark that drives me to keep going. I really have not done anything for the past two months other than listen to The Survival Podcast and some other “small” projects (subject of future posts). So, I figure it is time to go […]

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SouthernPrepper1 on Suburban Security

by suburban March 5, 2012 Preparedness

This was sent to me by a friend, and if you have not seen it, I think it is worth it…  I thought I would share. Suburban Security, Part One  

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Was “Doomsday Preppers” Necessary?

by suburban March 4, 2012 Prepping

I watched it.  I saved them on my DVR, and watched them.  You watched them.  We watched them.  We critiqued each prepper based on what we have and know.  Admit it.  You secretly did.  I know I did.  As the scenario was laid out I said, “they need more water, they need more food, they […]

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