February 2012

Mosin-Nagant for the survivalist

by shanethenurse February 13, 2012 Guns / Weapons

I am a big fan of the Mosin-Nagant rifles. What can I say the commies knew how to make a great rifle, though this rifle was designed and in use before Lenin and company came to power. There are a few variants of the common Mosin-Nagant rifle that most people are familiar with. The 91/30, […]

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Survival Heater for Your Car, My Test

by suburban February 13, 2012 Fire

I know. Everyone has done a YouTube lesson on how to build one of these inexpensive emergency heaters for your car. Honestly, I had to try it for myself to be sure that it “worked.” Many people use empty steel coffee cans, some people improvise and use what they might have in the garage as […]

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I Forgot My EDC…

by suburban February 12, 2012 EDC

Well, I am in Florida on business. I’m here for a week. Maybe longer. I’m happy to be here, because it seems winter has finally met with the Northeast. However, I feel naked. I left my travel EDC kit in my my GHB accidentally, in the trunk of my car. All I have is a […]

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Test Cooking with Preps, Breakfast for Dinner, Part One

by suburban February 10, 2012 Bug In

I like breakfast for dinner.  I do.  I have James Bond’s fetish for scrambled eggs.  Give me scrambled eggs, an omelet, or frittata any day of the week and I am a happy guy.  So, tonight, we make breakfast for dinner.  I have picked up some tester / samples from various vendors and I am going […]

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A Flashlight Review, The HybridLight Company

by suburban February 2, 2012 Preparedness

I was recently contacted by The HybridLight Company.  I traded emails with them for a day or two and asked them about a hybrid solar/battery powered flashlight they sell.  Honestly, at first, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about reviewing a flashlight.  Everyone has their preference of brands.  To me they are a lot like a pocket […]

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