There are many types of knives out there.  I have many.  Probably too many knives, but each one has a purpose, so when I go camping or hiking I choose the right one to go with.  I usually carry one or two knives pretty consistently.  In my travel EDC I carry a Mora.  If I have to bug out.  I will probably have three on my person for some type of specific use.  I will outline my knives an my intended uses for them in another post.

In the mean time, I came across this post today by Stealth Survival, called “Types of Knives and Their Use.”

I think knives merit a later post or several posts.  There is a lot out there on them, and frankly with only a knife, if you know how to use it as a tool, it could be the only tool you need to survive.  Well, one of the only tool(s) you would need to survive…

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