Hurricane Earl

Well, while I am semi watching a little TV this evening, I figured I would bring up a topic that I seldom discuss.  Natural disasters.  In the past couple years, natural disasters have been front and center to everyone, partially due to how swiftly the media can get data on situations and report on it.  I think as a group we like to fantasize about man made scenarios, however, sometimes an all to real threat is the threat of natural disaster due to weather, earthquake, volcano eruption, tsunami, swarm of locusts, killer birds, or some other disaster that I may not be aware of.

I  talk a lot about Bugging Out, but what if that is not an option.  What if a Hurricane comes up the east coast and my place gets destroyed, my car gets crushed by a telephone pole, and we are out of electricity, water, and food storage is scattered all over the place…  While a remote possibility, it is still a possibility that I need to be prepared for.  Conceptually, one should have time to Bug Out if there is a killer hurricane coming.  In the case of an Earthquake, there isn’t much of a warning one can get that is going to tell them to get the hell out ahead of time, so I suppose you deal with whatever situation you are in when the time comes.

The suburbs will offer much scattered debris that can be used in a survival situation, and with luck I would be able to pull my pack out of my truck, assuming my truck is still where it is supposed to be.

What spurs this post is the fact that Hurricane Earl is heading up the east coast this week.  In a conversation with a friend today, a friend of mine hypothetically asked, “What if Earl comes all the way up the east coast, doesn’t lose much steam, and hangs a left across Long Island into Manhattan, and across the Mid Atlantic?”  Hurricane Floyd did this in 1999.  Pretty good hypothetical question, if you ask me.  Not because it was a hypothetical, but because it was both plausible and hypothetical together.   I have to be honest, I don’t remember much about Hurricane Floyd.  It was 11 years ago, and I was in a different place in my life.  I wasn’t paying attention to the worlds events the way I do today.

So, what if?  As mentioned earlier I have a good base of preps if the power goes out and the grid is down for some time.  I would certainly preserve the foods I have in the fridge and the freezer.  Not that I would be here if FEMA were telling us to get the hell out of Dodge like they might have to in the South East in the coming days.

Ultimately, it is wait and see, as it normally is in these situations.  I guess I’ve babbled on enough for the moment.

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