So, it’s been several weeks since I wrote a post about my friend who lost everything and is basically starting over from the negative.  Today while at a conference in NYC, I had the opportunity to jump in a cab and go visit him.  Three weeks ago he took a commission only sales position with a company, and has quickly risen to the number one sales person in the company.  He really is a good sales person.  

I’m very happy and proud of him.  He is selling an intangible product/service over the phone, and today I saw a dramatic change in his demeanor over the last time I saw him.  While he is still in the shelter, he has earned his first pay check, and has made several sales since that time.  Working the phones is not easy.  Trust me, I have done it.

My point, here, however, is that he took a job with no salary, because he felt he had nothing to lose.  With shear determination, a positive attitude, and the will to survive, he is very slowly, but positively digging himself out of a hole and creating a new future.

I think this is a very important lesson.  No matter how bad it gets, a positive attitude and determination can make all the difference.  The fact that he did not want to accept help from me or anyone was disconcerting several weeks ago, but now I think I am beginning to understand.  I say “Good Job” to my friend, and wish him the best.  I am behind him 110%.

A positive attitude and determination were the basis for a rudimentary survival lesson for me today.  Just thought I would share the update.

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