As I start to pre­pare my gear for my Bug Out Week­end, and I re-eval­u­ate what is in my Bug Out Bag, I may be look­ing to replace or elim­i­nate some gear if I think it is redun­dant.  This is the first time I am real­ly tak­ing a “hard­er” look at my Bug Out Bag.  It is true, that I have nev­er used my BoB in real world appli­ca­tion.  I am hop­ing I do not have to, how­ev­er, for my test week­end, I want to be sure that I am not over­do­ing it.  And, if I have to put some­thing back in the bag lat­er, then so be it.

So, cur­rent­ly I have a one man bivy tent.  In it’s stuff sack, it is prob­a­bly five or six pounds.  This makes it the heav­i­est item to be attached to my bag.  My bag is pret­ty heavy already, and adding anoth­er five or six pounds, I am won­der­ing how that is going to affect the weight on my back.  I sup­pose we can all spec­u­late.  So I start­ed look­ing for low cost light weight shel­ters that were durable that I could replace my bivy tent with.   I am look­ing for some­thing that can be used in mul­ti­ple sea­sons, even when it gets cold out.  upon my search, I found a lot of inex­pen­sive and expen­sive tents.  Well, I don’t need a tent.  I already have that.  So, my search moved to YouTube.  I sift­ed through a lot of stuff, some garbage, and some not, but i final­ly came across these.  I don’t know if I am going to do any sewing myself, but these were pret­ty good.

Video on Tarp Shel­ters

Part 1

Part 2

Tarp Shel­ters

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