Okay, I was in the car for about four hours today… I had some time to think… My mind started to wander, and the gears were spinning.  I asked myself, if the S#!t has hit the fan while I was in Philadelphia, and I knew no one.  If food supplies are low and I was in either the suburbs or in the city what would I do for food?  Trap squirrels, well yeah, trap other small game where I can, um, yeah, but then it hit me.  In EVERY city (maybe not every city) I am in, there are pigeons.  Squab.  It used to be a staple food on the American table, and still is in countries around the world.  They are everywhere.  Every park, every street, every alley way.  Everywhere.

Well, onto my Internet research now that I am home for the evening…  Hmmm…  First, how would I go about trapping a pigeon?  Well, I suppose I could try rat traps with seed on them (I suppose this would work for Squirrels as well), home made box trap, milk crate box trap, cardboard box trap, snare?  Here is what I have found:

How to Make a Bird Trap

Pheasant Trap

Looks like box traps are the preferred method… I am not sure if the SHTF, that a box trap is the best way to do this, because they are easily spotted in busy suburban areas as well as urban areas.  If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to share them.

Once you have trapped and killed your pigeon, you should pluck the feathers while the body is still warm not unlike a chicken or a turkey.  Here is a video I found illustrating it:


Part 2

Never done this with a pigeon, but the learning process continues…  Once plucked and gutted, and prepped to be cooked, clearly you are going to want to roast it over a fire or over a small stove.  I would suggest a small stove or makeshift stove if you are stuck somewhere so that you do not draw as much attention.  At least that is what I think.

If you are camping and happen to have a camp stove or oven, here are a couple simple recipes I found online:

And here is a video showing how to cook a pigeon in a tin can in the field:

So, this is what I could find, this evening, and figured I would share it…  Hope you enjoy.  I learned something.  Did you?

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