There has been a lot of chatter about Senate Bill 510 recently, and I do not see much reporting on it.  What I do see is a lot of rumor and innuendo about it, and I have to be honest, that I must do more in depth research myself.  However, in light of recent chatter online and direct questions from some of my friends, I have found several YouTube videos on it, and I am only going to list the ones that seem to make sense.

The rumor, if you have not heard it is that S510 is going to make it illegal to grow, trade, or sell fruits and vegetables from your garden.  That the bill will put the control of all our food supply in the hands of Monsanto, and make it illegal to own seeds.  Honestly, this sounds a little out there to me, but I as the farmer in the video below mentions, that “if” the bill is written as broadly as I suspect it might be, there may need to be some tightening up.   On the flip side, is this some weird tin foil hat business conspiracy?  Who knows.  See below and judge for yourself:

Here is a blog post about S510.  There is a lot of chatter and information out there, so if you are looking for it, just Google it, and take your time sifting through it.  More importantly, read the bill and judge for yourself.  I am going to do so shortly.

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