There has been a lot of chat­ter about Sen­ate Bill 510 recent­ly, and I do not see much report­ing on it.  What I do see is a lot of rumor and innu­en­do about it, and I have to be hon­est, that I must do more in depth research myself.  How­ev­er, in light of recent chat­ter online and direct ques­tions from some of my friends, I have found sev­er­al YouTube videos on it, and I am only going to list the ones that seem to make sense.

The rumor, if you have not heard it is that S510 is going to make it ille­gal to grow, trade, or sell fruits and veg­eta­bles from your gar­den.  That the bill will put the con­trol of all our food sup­ply in the hands of Mon­san­to, and make it ille­gal to own seeds.  Hon­est­ly, this sounds a lit­tle out there to me, but I as the farmer in the video below men­tions, that “if” the bill is writ­ten as broad­ly as I sus­pect it might be, there may need to be some tight­en­ing up.   On the flip side, is this some weird tin foil hat busi­ness con­spir­a­cy?  Who knows.  See below and judge for your­self:

Here is a blog post about S510.  There is a lot of chat­ter and infor­ma­tion out there, so if you are look­ing for it, just Google it, and take your time sift­ing through it.  More impor­tant­ly, read the bill and judge for your­self.  I am going to do so short­ly.

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