A potential security issue with Iphones

A potential security issue with Iphones

I found out something recently completely by accident… but realized immediately the implications it has for peoples security is quite disturbing.  I was looking at older pics in my Iphone, while on the albums page I pressed the “photos” button in the lower left hand... Read more

Protection From Looters

It’s an unfortunate reality that there will be looters any kind of major emergency. What they’re after may change with the severity and type of emergency, but their intentions are the same universally. To take advantage of the chaos in order to take things that... Read more

Taser vs. Pepper Spray, by ShaneTheNurse

Over the course of my career as an ER nurse I have had many occasions to treat people who have been on the receiving end of one of these. I can tell you honestly that if I was to be on the receiving end I would rather be tasered than pepper sprayed. In fact I have had... Read more