A potential security issue with Iphones

A potential security issue with Iphones

I found out some­thing recent­ly com­plete­ly by acci­dent… but real­ized imme­di­ate­ly the impli­ca­tions it has for peo­ples secu­ri­ty is quite dis­turb­ing.  I was look­ing at old­er pics in my Iphone, while on the albums page I pressed the “pho­tos” but­ton... Read more

Protection From Looters

It’s an unfor­tu­nate real­i­ty that there will be loot­ers any kind of major emer­gency. What they’re after may change with the sever­i­ty and type of emer­gency, but their inten­tions are the same uni­ver­sal­ly. To take advan­tage of the chaos in order to take... Read more

Taser vs. Pepper Spray, by ShaneTheNurse

Over the course of my career as an ER nurse I have had many occa­sions to treat peo­ple who have been on the receiv­ing end of one of these. I can tell you hon­est­ly that if I was to be on the receiv­ing end I would rather be tasered than pep­per sprayed. In fact I... Read more