So, I just got my Mobile Wash­er.  Pri­mar­i­ly I pur­chased it for camp­ing trips next year so that I could wash the smoke and body odors out of my clothes while camp­ing for a few days, and decrease the num­ber of cloth­ing items I bring.  It looks like a nifty lit­tle item that allows you to wash a few items of cloth­ing in a 5 gal­lon buck­et pret­ty quick­ly and move on to oth­er activ­i­ties.  If you have not seen the Mobile Wash­er in action, it requires lit­tle water, (about 1 1/2) gal­lons in the five gal­lon buck­et to wash sev­er­al arti­cles of cloth­ing.  

It was pret­ty inex­pen­sive and I bought it from Emer­gency Essen­tials for only $14.95.  Click the Emer­gency Essen­tials link to take a look at it.  It gets pret­ty good rat­ings.  Below is a video for you to review the item as well.

I like it because it breaks down and can be stored in a ruck or just thrown in my truck if I want to take it with me… I can also use it if the pow­er goes out, and hang my laun­dry on my deck if need be in sum­mer or win­ter, so that I have clean clothes if shel­ter­ing in.

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