It has been a personal stance of mine that liberty, not be tied to a piece of paper, government or philosophy that includes the state for over two years now. This is a personal philosophy that will likely see change, evolution of the mind in the future. This journey has not been easy, it has resulted in lost relationships with both family and friends. However, it has been necessary to my personal goals regarding liberty for myself and others. I long ago embraced a stance of non-Aggression in my dealings with others, this was done as a result of long years spent training in various martial arts. By combining my position on aggressive action and liberty it is a simple conclusion that I can no longer support the state voluntarily. So where does this leave me, with degrees in the Modern Criminal Justice system, thousands of dollars spent and owed for this education, a vast legal library both printed and digital and hundreds of hours spent researching, gathering data and implementing various programs?

With an expensive, interesting inside look at the very system I can no longer support.

Two issues recently caught my attention. The first is out of my current state of residence, Arizona, and address’s the internet. the justification being cyber-bullying. The bill being discussed was passed through state legislator and awaits the governors signature now. According to the Media Coalition, “H.B. 2549 is not limited to a one to one conversation between two specific people. The communication does not need to be repetitive or even unwanted. There is no requirement that the recipient or subject of the speech actually feel offended, annoyed or scared. Nor does the legislation make clear that the communication must be intended to offend or annoy the reader, the subject or even any specific person.” The second issue can be found in an article dated November 2011 on the Gun Owners of America website. This issue address’s several counties residents confrontations with federal regulators masquerading as protectors of the people. The following brief quotes have been taken from this article, “Word was sent to the Forest Service that any effort to impede visitors to the Forest would be resisted…She pointed out that her land had been in her family for over 200 years, and she was not about to let some official from an unconstitutional bureaucracy tell her what she could or could not do with her land…The residents responded that they had to for safety’s sake and were going to construct the fire break in spite of the Forest Service…” needless to say there is much more happening.

These may seem disparate issues, however, they are directly related. In both cases the state is attempting to or is instituting what it believes to be necessary for the continued profit of its self. It is doing so while masquerading as protectors of the people. Fortunately for the citizens in the various counties of New Mexico they have sheriffs who not only support them in their pursuit of liberty but are in fact willing to place themselves in front of the proverbial bullet. Here in Arizona we have no such thing at this time. In Arizona we have politically motivated, camera hungry assholes who would rather follow procedure and policy than for a second actually do what they were hired to do. Protect the citizens of the various counties from any threat whether it be federal, state or local criminals.

In discussions with deputies, local police officers and state authorities I have been told almost every time that they will support their office policy, and state law as these laws are meant to protect their lives. In almost every instance when I bring up their oaths to protect and serve the citizens first, they chuckle, and say something that tends to come out sounding like this, “We want to go home to our families, everything else is second”. Obviously. I am a family man, and I firmly agree with the sentiment, however, because I am a family man I refuse to have my liberty, life or my families lives taken away because of any criminal. And if these supposed protectors of my rights are going to support criminals regardless what name they call themselves we may find ourselves on opposing sides philosophically.

Policy is the unwritten law that your local government enforcers follow that they are trained to support primarily. Second to that is the current state or federal “statutes” or laws, and your local justices, prosecutors and county employees will support these enforcers before they will do the right thing in almost every instance. Much mention is made of the constitution in the article posted on the GOA site, with this I tend to disagree simply because the constitution is a piece of paper. It has no authority unto itself, and can do nothing unto itself to promote anything. It can be interpreted, changed and more importantly ignored. I would much rather the local constabulary want to help their neighbors as I do. I would rather the local sheriffs deputies and police officers think about who they are pulling over for speeding, who they are harassing because they choose to carry firearms, who they are arresting for smoking a simple joint.

Liberty calls for sacrifices to be made individually, each of us is guaranteed to work hard if we desire to maintain personal liberty. However, as can be seen in various locations in New Mexico, at least the people are being supported by the local law enforcement as they should be. Unlike we here in Arizona where the county sheriffs and local city police would rather send SWAT teams to murder you over tenuous search warrants, and promote policies that invade my personal liberties rather than protect the very people they are meant to protect. Maybe it is time that Arizonans and everyone across the United States holds their local sheriffs accountable and calls them to task. One of my acquaintances is Sheriff Richard Mack, and he is one of the few law enforcement individuals I am proud to know. For those who question my stance and approach I suggest watching Sheriff Mack linked here. Now again, they are supporters of a dead document, however, the goals are similar to those of us who desire true liberty.

To be truly free, to truly have liberty it seems we may have to stand tall and tell our county sheriffs to grab their balls and stop bending over to the federal and state legislature. More importantly, liberty must start with the mind, before the body can experience it. We must change our approach mentally, we will eventually need to take a firm stand. Are you ready?

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