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So, by electronic survival library, I mean readable in PDF, MS Word, or on my Kindle App on my iPad.  I currently have all my electronic books on the iPad, netbook, my laptop, and a couple of key chain USB keys (one of which is attached to my keys).  I keep them all segregated by their general topics, such as, “First Aid, Knots, Terrorism, etc.”  I am slowly working my way through reading all these books as a matter of self education.  In addition to that, as I mentioned, I keep them handy on my electronic devices, one of which is always with me, in the event I “need” to reference them in a pinch.  They cover a wide range of categories, and some are much more comprehensive than the others, but all are worth reading and perusing no matter how simple or comprehensive…

Oh, and some of these may not be the exact documents, as I could not upload them for download due to copyright violations, but there are many PDFs below.  Enjoy.

In no particular order:

  1. Combat – Hand to Hand
    1. Val Riazanov’s, The Science of Ballistic Striking
  2. Energy
    1. Battery Bank Wiring Document – 12 and 24 volt systems
    2. Build a Generator from a lawn mower engine document
    3. Build your own bio-gas generator document
    4. Coffee can Toilet Paper document (portable heater for your car)
    5. How to build an electricity producing solar panel
    6. Home made solar cell document
    7. Wooden Windmill Document
  3. Equipment and Gear
    1. Altoid-Box-Compact-Survival-Kits
    2. Build Your Own Generator
    3. Sharpening Small Tools
    4. Survival-550-Paracord-Bracelet
  4. Exercise
    1. 5BX Plan for Exercise Plan
  5. Fighting Techniques
    1. US Army Knife Fighting Techniques
  6. Fire
    1. How To Make Fire Sticks
  7. First Aid
    1. FM-21-11 First Aid Manual
    2. Survival and Austere Medicine
    3. Personal Wilderness Medical Kit from
    4. I have several other documents but because they are copywritten, I did not put them up here.
  8. Food and Water
    1. 2 week food stockpile list for a family of four
    2. 5_dollar_a_week_food_storage_plan
    3. basic-food-storage-plan-for-one-year
    4. Camping-Recipes
    5. Game Meats – 5.225.09 – PDF
    6. Home Made Meat Poultry and Game Sausages
    7. How-to-Collect-Survival-Water
    8. Preserving-Food-Drying-Fruits-And-Vegetables-Nutrition
    9. SmallScale-Food-Drying-Technologies
    10. Solar Cooker Plans
    11. Solar-Distillation-Water-Purification
    12. Survival-60-Uses-of-Vinegar
    13. Survival – Drying FoodSurvival-Water-Purification
    14. Water_EN
  9. Gardening
    1. The City Peoples Book Of Raising Food
    2. Squanto’s Garden
    3. Manual of Gardening
    4. Home Vegetable Gardening
    5. Basic Sprouting Guide.pdf
    6. Above_Ground_Gardens
    7. Vegetable Gardening Encyclopedia with Special Herb Section
    8. Intensive Gardening for Profit and Self Sufficiency
  10. General
    1. The Book of Camplore and Woodcraft (1920)
    2. Survival 550 Paracord Bracelet
    3. U.S. Army Special Forces – Caching Techniques
    4. The gigaJack Survival Summary
    5. LDS_Preparedness
    6. Getting Your Household in Order
    7. Frugal_Survivalist_Disaster_Preparations_for_Under_500_Dollars
    8. Emergency Preparedness 7 Day Survival Kit
    9. Bushcraft Notes of Scouting & Woodlore
    10. Foxfire Series of Books
    11. The 10 Bushcraft Books by Robert Graves
    12. The Village Technology Handbook
  11. Hunting and Trapping
    1. Arrow Making
    2. Traps_and_Snares
    3. Trapping
    4. The Sling – For Sport and Survival
    5. Homemade Traps and Snares
    6. Survival Arrows
    7. Making Arrows from Shoots
    8. Game Meats
    9. Butchering_Big_Game_in_the_Field
    10. Braintanning_Deer_and_Small_Game_Hides
    11. Basic Self Nocks
    12. Camp Life in the Woods and the Tricks of Trapping
    13. Ragner’s 10 Best Traps
  12. Knots
    1. Pioneering Knots and Lashings
    2. Knots, Splices, and Rope Work
  13. Locks
    1. CIA Lock Picking Field Operative Training Manual
  14. Medicine
    1. Medicinal Plant Identification and Use Guide (From
  15. Navigation
    1. Map and Compass Document
    2. FM-325-26-Map-Reading-and-Land-Navigation
  16. Nuclear
    1. FEMA Nuclear War Survival
  17. Operations and Planning
    1. Army-FM-3-0-Operations-Training
    2. Emergency Planning Workbook
    3. FM-21-75-Combat Skills of the Soldier
    4. FM-25-4-how-to-conduct-training-exercises
    5. FM-3-07-Stability-Ops-and_Support-Ops
    6. FM-3-09.31-Fire-Support-Combined-Arms-for-Commanders
    7. FM-3-21-Stryker-Brigade-Combat-Team
    8. FM-3-7-NBC-Field-Handbook
    9. FM-31-70-Basic-Cold-Weather-Manual
    10. FM-4-01.011-Unit-Movement-Operations
    11. FM-5-103-Survivability
    12. FM-7-85-Ranger-Unit-Operations
    13. Ready-Nation-Emergency-Expert-Survival-Guide
  18. Self Reliance
    1. The Complete Book of Self Sufficiency by John Seymour
  19. Terrorism
    1. Terrorist Recognition Handbook, Second Edition
  20. Urban Survival
    1. Austrailia-Police-Acadamy-Aids-to-Survival
    2. Combat-Survival-and-Evasion
    3. FM-3-06-11-Combined-Arms-Operations-in-Urban-Terrain
    4. Urban-Operations-FM3-06
  21. Weapons
    1. CIA-Simple Sabotage Field Manual
    2. How-to-Build-a-Spear-With-the-Hoffman-Harpoon-Hedgehog-Leatherworks
    3. Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide
    4. SKS Instruction Manual
    5. Survival Guns
    6. TC 56  – SKS Rifle
  22. Wilderness Survival
    1. George-Riggs-Survival-Book
    2. Marine-Corps-Summer-Survival-Course
    4. Captain-Daves-Survival-Guide
    5. How_to_Dress_for_the_Cold
    6. NOAA Wind Chill Chart
    7. Outdoor-Survival-Guide
    8. SERE_Survival_Manual
    9. Seven-Survival-Shelters-That-Could-Save-your-life
    10. Survival-Skills-How-to-Build-a-Debris-Hut
    11. US Army – Soldier’s Handbook for Individual Operations and Survival in Cold-Weather Areas
    12. US-ARMY-Wilderness-Survival-FM-2176
    13. WA State Bush Survival Manual
    14. Wilderness-Survival-Skills

What’s in your library?

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