Pets and Prepping, My Thoughts On the SubjectPets are a staple all around the world.  They’re part of the family.  They’re used for hunting, security, service for handicapped & our military, in law enforcement.  As you can see I am leaning towards discussing “man’s best friend.” They are prevalent from the time we wake to the time we go to sleep at night.  They depend on us, and we love them.  They can be a pain in the ass sometimes for sure.  But one thing is certain, many of us are committed to them.  Last year, almost to the day, I wrote a post about my girlfriend and her dog.  And in one of my latest posts, I admitted my 2013 Year in Review, that I have done little prepping.  In ramping back up and thinking about the dog (who will remain nameless), I’m sort of in a quandary, here. My girlfriends dog is 10 years old, has a very bad stomach/colon issue, and cannot eat dog food. We make him, rice, (chicken, beef, or salmon), vegetables, including; carrots, corn, green beans, sweet potatoes, lima beans, broccoli, & sometimes spinach every day, twice a day. Sometimes when we add some olive oil as well when we run low on the salmon… It is prepping for another whole person. It sounds more cumbersome than it is, because most of the vegetables are frozen vegetables, for convenience sake. But the monthly bill is definitely more expensive than dog food.  In a longer term SHTF, this is not an option, presenting a new dilemma for us.

Now don’t get me wrong.  He’s an active 10 years old.  Likes to be active, plays with other dogs three days a week, goes for mile plus walks, still likes to jump up and put his paws on your shoulders.  He’s awesome, healthy, and full of energy as far as that goes.  But, bugging out with him is bad op-sec. Trust me on this one.  His bark is DEFINITELY BIGGER than his bite.  He unfortunately has been raised like a person by my girlfriend, and a quintessential type B

personality for a dog. He gets loud when he needs to go out or wants attention. Lastly, a bit stubborn as well…

I think our best bet with him, would be to bug-in. He “could” act as a deterrent, but is a dead give away that someone is inside the apartment (urban/suburban prepper, hence the name of the blog). I’ve resolved myself to the fact that he’s both an asset and a liability should the situation get worse than a short term SHTF, such as Hurricane Sandy last year (geography is NJ/NYC). Needless to say, some tough choices may have to be made because he’s a “part of the family.” He really is like my own stubborn kid…

So the question is, if bugging out, bring him with?  The alternative; I’ve been told by other preppers and have read that they would use a bullet to remedy the situation and move on.  From a purely tactical perspective, I certainly get it.  But from a moral and, well perspective of caring and loving our pets, it creates a new dilemma.

What are your thoughts for your pets in a SHTF, short or long?

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