Taken from a survival forum and copied to a word document late last year for my own review going forward:

Now some people live in apartments like myself, I figured we needed a thread for suggestions for folks like myself.  I’m pretty creative and have some ideas that I will be enacting soon if not right away to make myself more self sufficient in my apartment.

Now I don’t think apartments should be your final destination when it comes to living quarters and homesteading, I think it should be a temporary thing that we do while we save 30% to 40% for the down payment (those numbers are my goals) real estate is in my view the most sound investment and can help you become far more self sufficient than if you live in an apartment your whole life.

So here are some of my goals to make myself more self sufficient while still living in my apartment.  Feel free to add what you might have done or what you have been doing or any ideas you might have!

These are in no particular order!

  • I’ve called up the guys who run the local community garden to reserve a plot for next spring…good start to get some gardening skills and grow some of my own food even while living in an apartment.
  • I’m looking in to what kind of food bearing plants are good for in pots that I can grow in my windows.
  • I’m buying a solar panel to charge batteries and electronics in case of grid down just in case my battery supply runs out so I can use flashlights and emergency radios during grid down.
  • I am going to make good use of my storage locker to store preps.  I also put some mouse poison in it just in case since I don’t have much control over the cleanliness and what others store in their lockers.
  • I’m going to learn basic food preserving skills like canning and dehydrating while still in the apartment so I have that skill when I leave!
  • I’m taking advantage of what my parents offered me, which is to let me use some of their garden to grow food.  The more food production the better!
  • I’ve got some battery powered box fans and plenty of batteries for them in case of grid down to keep my place cool in the summer.
  • I’m looking for heating products that run on batteries (generators aren’t my best right now due to gas storage problems) to at least keep my bedroom warm in the winter if the grid is down so I can sleep well!
  • Looking into a 24 hour access storage locker to keep some preps and gear in so I can keep as much of my food storage and stuff I’ll need asap in an emergency in my building
  • Maximize storage space, I’m looking into the best ways to store stuff moving forward.  Any furniture I buy will have some kind of storage value.  Also I’m looking at organization items to keep my stuff organized in these storage spaces
  • Clearly I’m buying books and resources that can help me in the future so I have them, also so I can read them and get the most information in my cranium asap
  • Planning on getting an AlarmForce apartment security system
  • Storing as much propane as I can in limited space for my small grill – for cooking in grid down
  • Buying some tarps to cover windows if they get busted out in a wind storm
  • Learning to sew, it can come in handy as a single guy if some gear breaks or I need to fix clothing.  Plus I’m in the market for a sewing machine.  Men can sew!
  • Learn HAM radio and get licensed.  Put HAM system in my truck and get a couple handheld radios
  • Guns for hunting and home defense
  • (Obvious) Stock up on food and paper plates etc etc
  • making a plan
  • Backup phones that don’t need power (needed whether in an apartment or not)
  • Buying hand tools so I can do some basic maintenance if need be


I thought this was a pretty good and well thought out list, although some of it does not fit with my bug out philosophy, the person that wrote this may be in a less suburban and more rural setting than I am.  I cannot be sure if he or she even has a bug out plan.  However, I give this person props for a well thought out list.

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