Sunday morning I got up a little early, brewed my pot of coffee, showered, and out the door I went to northwestern NJ to visit  a friend I have not seen in several months.  We were heading to PA to pick up some additional ammo.  My buddy wanted to pay less than the cost of ammo in NJ to head to the range with.  I just happen to know a couple places to go for that.  So off I go to northwestern NJ, or so i thought…  It started to rain yesterday afternoon, and last night it rained, and rained, and rained, and rained…  It rained hard.  I went to sleep at 11:30 and it was still raining hard after about nine hours.  I’m not sure when it stopped, but I do know it caused me some issues…

Fast forward to the ride… I go to get on I-80 West, and two of the three lanes are closed down.  Most likely because of flooding, construction, or both.  I’m going with both.  So I hit the detour button on my GPS.  It routes me onto 46 West, and traffic seems to be flowing… I easily slide onto 23 north…. Until The whole road was shut down… Why?  What?  More flooded roads.  Hmmm…  Hit detour on the GPS again.  This time I got lucky enough that it routed me though many of the back roads of NJ.  Then it hit me, “Oh $#!^… These were two of my Bug Out routes…  Wait, if rain can shut down my Bug Out routes, then what would a larger natural or man made disaster do to them?  Oh man… Once again I have to rethink routing to the BOL

I have taken both these routes in the past, however, only in good weather.  Now I feel like I need to seriously rethink the routes.  I urge you to take a look at your own Bug Out routes and test them during good weather and bad….

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