This bag is for the SHTF, and hav­ing to evac­u­ate to West­ern NJ, North­east­ern PA, or the Catskills in NY.  It will be packed and ready to go from my apart­ment.  I may also build a sec­ond iden­ti­cal bag in the event I can­not get to the one at the apart­ment.

This is a heavy bag.  Packed it is very heavy.  I repacked it and had it on my back tonight.  If there is hard ter­rain, I have a LOT of work ahead of me if I have to hoof it on foot for 5 — 10 days.  Pri­mar­i­ly, that is what it is for.  I am assum­ing I may have to hike up to 120 — 150 miles in the event of an EMP strike, nat­ur­al dis­as­ter, etc.  My bag is a MOLLE II Ruck­sack that I bought for $49.95 on sale.  I have added a 72 hour assault pack to the top of it„ two 16″ MOLLE pock­ets to either side of the pack, and a MOLLE shov­el pouch.  I am assum­ing loaded, this pack is 60 — 70 pounds.  Pret­ty heavy.  I will say the frame that it is strapped to makes good work of hold­ing up the load.

I have no doubt any fat on my body would be con­vert­ed to ener­gy and I would eas­i­ly lose 20 — 30 pounds from a hike of this nature.  If I am lucky, I throw it in the back of my truck with some oth­er gear, food, and water, and I am off and make it to my BOL in one piece.

I have packed it so that if I need to I can unload some gear I can do so along the way.  I would not look for­ward to hump­ing this on my back, but if it gets me to my BOL and fam­i­ly, then so be it.

This is by far from per­fect I am sure.  To boot, I am sure that your bag(s) are sim­i­lar, with more gear, or less gear.  I know by no means every­one has the same type of bag, and that some peo­ple pre­fer more civil­ian style bags, etc.  I hap­pen to have replaced a bag I thought I liked, but it had no frame, and made for a dead load that weighed down my back.  The load was not car­ried high, and maneu­ver­abil­i­ty was hard.  So I replaced it with this one.  More mon­ey spent.  Ugh.


  • 1 x 2 man tent, water­proofed (Inex­pen­sive Tube Tent)
  • 1 Roth­co ham­mock
  • 1 x Bivy Tent (tak­ing off of bag)
  • 1 x 6 x 8′ 10mil plas­tic tarp
  • 1 x large plas­tic sheet for ground under­neath tent
  • 2 x space blan­kets
  • 2 x emer­gency rain pon­cho
  • 1 x roll duct tape
  • 1 x 100′ + foot 550 cord
  • 5 x 33 gal­lon trash bags
  • 1 x mos­qui­to net­ting


  • 5 x MRE Main Course Meals (Re-shrink wrapped)*
  • 10 x MRE 1.5 oz Peanut But­ter Pack­ets  (Re-shrink wrapped)*
  • 4 x MRE Choco­late Brown­ie  (Re-shrink wrapped)*
  • 2 x ER Bar — 3600 calo­rie 72 hour emer­gency ration bar (Bought 1 to try first)
  • 1 x Assort­ed Gatorade pack­ages for water
  • 1 x repack­aged / freeze dried cof­fee / tea / sug­ar / salt / pep­per
  • 1 x WWII Mess Kit
  • 14 x 45lb x 24″ steel fish­ing leader (used as snares)




  • 1 x Portable CB radio with recharge­able bat­ter­ies
  • 1 x emer­gency crank radio with recharge kit for mobile phone(s)
  • 1 x pre­pay mobile phone with phone cards
  • 1 x lam­i­nat­ed mini phone direc­to­ry of fam­i­ly and friends (Do in Word / Sta­ples to Lam­i­nate)
  • 1 x Sig­nal kit w/ mir­ror, pen­flare and 5 flares, whis­tle, hand­held flare, sig­nal pan­el, extra recharge­able bat­ter­ies
  • 1 x solar bat­tery recharg­er
  • 2 x walkie talkie
  • 1 x Sig­nal Mir­ror
  • Extra Bat­ter­ies


  • 1 x Col­lapsi­ble fish­ing pole, fil­let knife, lures, etc.
  • 1 x leather­man mul­ti tool (Actu­al­ly have two of these)
  • 1 x Altoid EDC Kit
  • 1 x  ka-bar marine knife
  • 1 x Cold Steel Bush­man Bowie
  • 1 x Mora Swedish Mil­i­tary knife
  • 1 x Ger­ber fold­ing saw
  • 1 x mess kit with 2 spoons, 2 forks, 1 knife
  • 1 x 9mm pis­tol [Grab & go gear]
  • 3 x mag­a­zines for 9mm [Grab & go gear]
  • 2 x box 9mm 50 rounds FMJ [Grab & go gear]
  • 1 x 9mm 50 rounds (hol­low point) [Grab & go gear]
  • 1 x Hen­ry .22 Sur­vival Rifle (Pock­et of BoB)
  • 1 x 4 x 32 scope (mounts on Hen­ry Sur­vival Rifle)
  • 1 x Brick 500 Rounds .22 Cal­iber Ammu­ni­tion (High Veloc­i­ty) [Grab & go gear]
  • 1 x .22 semi auto­mat­ic pis­tol [Grab & go gear]
  • 3 x mag­a­zines for .22 pis­tol [Grab & go gear]
  • 1 x Tac­ti­cal Vest with cross draw hol­ster
  • 1 x Shoul­der hol­ster
  • 1 x Tac­ti­cal Leg Hol­ster
  • 1 x assault rifle with three 20 round mag­a­zines (DEPENDS ON LOAD)  ???  Ques­tion­able and may switched out for a lighter load weapon.
  • 1 x Monoc­u­lar



  • 1 x pack­age of baby wipes
  • 1 x shrink wrapped/crushed roll of toi­let paper
  • 4 x tubes of camp soap (from tar­get or oth­er camp­ing shop)
  • 2 x tooth­brush­es
  • 2 x tube trav­el tooth­paste
  • 2 x pack­age of den­tal floss
  • 2 x tube of chap-stick or oth­er


  • 1 x two pair box­er shorts vac­u­um sealed
  • 1 x t‑shirts vac­u­um sealed
  • 1 x pair car­go pants vac­u­um sealed
  • 2 x pairs socks vac­u­um sealed
  • 1 x extra fleece vac­u­um sealed-nice and tight
  • 2 x pairs gloves-nomex/winter
  • 1 x wool caps & Base­ball cap
  • Note Ama­zon Wish List for Win­ter gear items to pur­chase
  • 1 x spare sun­glass­es
  • 1 x Gog­gles (for win­ter and bright sum­mer days)
  • 1 x pair mil spec hik­ing boots
  • 1 x Sum­mer and long sleeve base lay­er
  • 2 x ban­dan­nas


  • 1 x Adven­ture Med­ical first aid kit w/ bandaids, neosporin, meds, eye drops, den­tal repair kit, tape, etc. (Large)
  • 1 x bot­tle of clar­itin for aller­gies (50 + count bot­tle)
  • 2 x Eye drops (for aller­gies)
  • 1 x blow out kit w/ H ban­dage, TK4, Trau­madex, Primed, ACE, 2 safe­ty pins, 14g nee­dle, Nasal air­way, gloves

Misc. Gear

  • 200 — 500 dol­lars cash
  • 1 x roll quar­ters
  • 1 x maps of AO, routes etc (YET TO BE DETERMINED)
  • 2 x Pen, pen­cil, water­proof paper grease pen­cil, sharpie
  • 2 x pre­paid phone card
  • 1 x Thumb­drive w/ busi­ness, per­son­al, and med­ical infor­ma­tion
    • Copies of Social Secu­ri­ty Card, Pass­port, Dri­vers License CCWs Weapons Own­er­ship Doc­u­ments, etc. in paper for­mat as well
  • 1 x USGI lensat­ic com­pass
  • 1 x com­pass with emer­gency whis­tle,
  • 1 x small but­ton com­pass
  • 1 x sewing kit with assort­ed safe­ty pins. nee­dles, and kevlar thread
  • 3 x hand warm­ers (dis­pos­able)
  • 1 x knife sharp­en­ing kit
  • 1 x knife sharp­en­er
  • 1 x sleep sys­tem

What you see in the red above is either in progress or needs to be com­plet­ed yet.  The bag is a work in progress.  You will no doubt have also seen some redun­dan­cy of items you may or may not think as impor­tant.  I added them ( two mylar blan­kets, two emer­gency ponchos,etc.  Some of these things can be used for barter or a com­pan­ion that may or may not be along with me.

As for any­thing marked [Grab and go gear], this is gear that is in a bag near my BOB and can be picked up on the way out the door, that is not packed in the bag.

Let me know what you think, as I know for more expe­ri­enced out­doors-men this may be overkill.  It may be overkill for me as well, but you don’t know until you know.

Last­ly, I did not men­tion spe­cif­ic brand weapons here, as I do not want to reveal to every­one what brands they are, etc.  Call me a lit­tle para­noid, but I fig­ure there is no rea­son to dis­cuss that yet.  If you fol­low the blog, even­tu­al­ly you will fig­ure it all out any­way.

I am hop­ing to have a bug out week­end short­ly, where I can take most of my gear on a three or four day hike/camp out before sum­mer is over to give the bag and my body a once over.

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