Well, eight days on the road for work, a week­end of a R&R with friends, and I am exhaust­ed.  I just got home, but by the time you read this, it will be 12+ hours lat­er.

By the time the plane land­ed at Newark Air­port this evening I just want­ed to be home, make some din­ner, show­er, and go to bed.  Well, to the con­trary, I got to expe­ri­ence a bit of per­son­al dra­ma.  I am a reg­u­lar cus­tomer at a place called Vista Park­ing on frontage Road in Newark, NJ just a mile or two from the air­port.  Lis­ten­ing to the video about your car being secure, I am about to report the con­trary.  

I opened the rear door of my truck to load my suit­case into it, and sev­er­al pieces of gear that I nor­mal­ly keep in the back of the truck came falling out, and I imme­di­ate­ly noticed my get home bag was miss­ing.  It is usu­al­ly strapped into a plas­tic bin I keep tied up in the back of my SUV.  The con­tents of the pack were basi­cal­ly one to two days worth of food (MREs), Buck brand hunt­ing knife, fold­ing knife, fleece, first aid kit, hat, gloves, socks, t‑shirt, fire mak­ing gear, emer­gency blan­ket x 2, emer­gency pon­cho, etc.  I was dev­as­tat­ed, angry, very angry.  Most of the com­po­nents of the pack can be found here:

I thought, who could pos­si­bly want that gear?  Then I checked the rest of the car.  They went through the cen­ter con­sole of my truck, and then I noticed they pulled off the fuse box cov­er and left it on the floor of the truck.  The thing that hit me, is there was a let­ter in the cen­ter con­sole with my NJ address on it.  Need less to say, I high tailed it to the apart­ment.  There are many rea­sons I was wor­ried about get­ting here quick­ly.  Thank good­ness I do not have a fam­i­ly to wor­ry about.  Need­less to say I took my hid­den key from its hid­den loca­tion, and I am going to re-key the door tomor­row.  It is hard to know when the pack was stolen out of the truck.  It could have been today, and if that is the case the crim­i­nal ass­hole that took it because it was some­thing he felt enti­tled to, could very pos­si­bly show up at my door at 3:00 a.m.

I am glad my apart­ment was not the tar­get of a bur­glary due to this issue so far.  I am pret­ty con­fi­dent that it will not be, but I am re-key­ing the lock tomor­row any­way.  I’m not hap­py that I am going to have to be more vig­i­lant around my apart­ment for a while now too.  Every time I come home and leave for any rea­son for any peri­od of time, I am going to look around more now for some­one that looks unusu­al or out of place in my neigh­bor­hood.  Not to men­tion, I am going to have to find a way to bet­ter secure my guns and ammu­ni­tion than I do cur­rent­ly.  This has real­ly set off a chain of thought and actions that is sort of a pain in the ass.

I am going to have to replace the gear too.  WTF!  As if I just hap­pen to have a ton of extra mon­ey float­ing around right now.

What sucks, is that I know all they real­ly want­ed was the back­pack and took every­thing.  That is what real­ly sucks.  Addi­tion­al­ly, I am nev­er going to use Vista Park­ing again.  Not because they are bad.  They have been very good and trust­wor­thy up to this point.  It is the one per­son who screwed me that has neg­a­tive­ly impact­ed their busi­ness.  I used to refer peo­ple to them.  Not any­more, and neg­a­tive pub­lic­i­ty online is not too good a thing either.  I am try­ing to keep in mind that is one los­er crim­i­nal scum­bag that ruined a busi­ness rela­tion­ship.  I parked there about a week a month, and aver­aged 75 — 100 dol­lars a month in park­ing fees.  1,000 dol­lars a year in busi­ness isn’t much to sneeze at.  Too bad, because they were con­ve­nient, but not so much going for­ward.

Sor­ry, Vista Park­ing, you lost a cus­tomer tonight due to one ass­hole’s need to feel enti­tled.  If he had asked, I would have giv­en him the bag no ques­tions asked, because that’s the kind of per­son I am.

I hate ass­holes.

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