I am not really sure this is going to apply to those of us who live in apartments.  However, I may touch on that in this post.

Much of what we discuss, or I write, rather, revolves around bugging out.  As mentioned in a previous post, I was going to consider situations in the suburbs or urban areas that might require bugging in.  My assumption up until recently has been that I would be ahead of the “event” that might occur and bug out.  Well, what if that is not the case? What if, I am stuck in my apartment and you are stuck in your home, and there is no getting out, at least not for 72 hours?  What if there is a chemical or biological issue that you need to protect yourself and your family from?  What if you need a room to keep your family protected from home invasion?  What if???

Well, we’ve seen the movies, we’ve heard some hype, and we think the safe room has to be expensive with closed circuit TV, communications equipment, etc.  I am here to tell you that it does not have to be so high tech.  It just needs to sustain and protect you and your family from a dangerous situation.

That said, should it be long term, should it be short term?  I am personally, not really sure.  I would suspect you might want to build it for as long term as possible without building it for a year.  Your philosophy is your own so build it however you think it needs to be built.   This clearly may lend itself to those who own homes or rent homes.  Apartments are a little tougher, as they are generally smaller, and have less space for storage, and augmenting an apartment with additional walls and secret doors, I would imagine might be frowned upon by the building landlord and superintendents.

So, what specific situations might a safe room serve?  Here is a small list that I came up with:

  • Potential home invasion
  • Biological attack
  • Chemical attack
  • Nuclear fallout (although harder to protect from)
  • Storm Shelter
  • Gun safe/storage
  • Jewelry storage/safe

There may be more to this list, so feel free to comment on it.

You may now be asking how to build a safe room in your home and how to equip it to keep your family safe going forward.  I’ve done a little research for you on the why and the how, so please see the below list of URLs for your review.  I figured there was no reason to recreate the wheel when there is so much good content out there on the web already:



Here are a couple of common issues I see.  Much of what I have read does not take heating and hygiene/toilet facilities.  If you are utilizing a safe room for more than 12 / 24 hours, this may be a real concern if you have to stay for any real length of time, especially if it is winter and you are in an area where it can get very cold, or an area where it can get very hot in the summer.  Some type of air circulation like a fan is recommended.  That is just my opinion.

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