As my time prepping matures, and living in an apartment, I am also finding that my prepping is starting to morph a bit.  As I prep for food, most specifically, I find that cans of food are becoming cumbersome.  Specifically, soups, tunas, canned chicken (which is a personal favorite of mine), etc.  I also find myself revisiting “Bug In” and “Bug Out” plans.  I’ve made concessions for bugging out with MREs and freeze dried / dehydrated foods.  However, that is mostly for short term.  Many of my supplies, are also in my apartment, meaning when/if I bug out, for any medium or long term issue, much food and supplies must come with me.  ALso meaning, I will have a lot of loading to do, so a better compartmentalized system is going to be required.  Cans of soup in a Lowes or Home Depot five gallon bucket may work, but can be as heavy or heavier than a ix gallon bucket of rice or prepackaged and pre-packed six gallon bucket of something like a Chef’s Banquet bucket with 30 days of food at 2,100 calories a day…  That is not to discount my soups and other canned foods that I “try to rotate” as I use them.  The truth is, I find myself not using the canned foods as often as I thought I would.  In addition, I find my self supplementing canned foods with other canned foods to make it a higher calorie more sustainable meal, not to mention a better tasting meal.

I even bought a portable shelving unit from Lowes to hold all my canned foods.  As I look at it, no matter how I look at it, however, it still looks unorganized and a bit confusing.  Hence, I keep a detailed inventory list that gets updated sporadically, so sadly it is never accurate, although it is “mostly accurate.”   So for that, I have been looking at solutions like the Chef’s Banquet bucket and looking to supplement it with other vegetable and protein solutions around it, as I think it’s protein content is a bit low for me, personally.  Something I urge you to do as well, is evaluate how much protein, carbs, and other nutrients your own body will require in a SHTF situation.  I’ve done this numerous times, and as I gain and lose weight, work out, etc. I am constantly personally evaluating my nutritional content and intake to adjust it where I need to.

Why do I like the Chef’s Banquet bucket:

  • The price at Costco is right. $85.00
    • I need to do an analysis of what it would cost me to go to the grocery store and supply myself with a month’s worth of food at about 2,000 calories per day, in food storage.  However, with food prices where they are today, I bet it is going to be more than $85.00 with the right mix of nutrients I am looking for.
  • It gets mostly good reviews
  • It is portable
  • It saves me time and mental energy to focus on other items such as work, other preps, and skills…
  • More compartmentalized.
    • If I want to distribute a few buckets at a BOL or a fallback location, then I can and not worry about gathering a “nutritional value combination” of preps, it is already done for me.
  • I’m pretty sure it is going to save me space when I look at how I have things stored today.
  • I can actually use some of the preps in every day cooking I had stored and may be close or just past their expiration date, without fear of hurting my “inventory list.”

If you are prepped and living in an apartment, how else do you save time, space, and effort when storing your food preparations?

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