So the new season of “The Colony” starts tonight on the Discovery Channel.  Last season there was a lot of chatter about The Colony in the survivalist circles and in the forums.  Personally, I liked it.  It was innovative, new, and from my perspective (suburban and urban survival) about as accurate as you could get with the genre of TV taken into consideration.

This season the colonists will have experienced some sort of NBC disaster, and are dropped into a town that had been evacuated or the people had died off.  Not sure of the exact scenario.

I am looking forward to this season as I did last.  Last season I learned a few things.  Not necessarily about gasifiers or electricity, but about how I might handle potential situations, barter, etc.  This season should be interesting, and I look forward to reviewing episodes on Hulu or on the Discovery Website if they are available post show.

10 minutes to go… Gotta run.

All of the Colonists are volunteers, of course, but once they got to the final application stage, they were required to sign this contract. Would you?

I represent and warrant that I am in excellent physical, emotional, psychological and mental health.

I understand that participation in the Series may involve strenuous physical activities, shocking and frightening events, and emotionally difficult scenarios, including but not limited to some or all of the following activities and conditions: swimming, heights, motion sickness, sleep deprivation / fatigue, hunger, thirst, darkness, isolation and/or imprisonment, exposure to elements, sonic effects, poor sanitation, tending livestock, tear gas and/or pepper spray, capture, slaughter and consumption of wild animals or insects.

I represent and warrant that I am capable of performing any activities that might be required of a participant of the Series, even though I do not know now precisely what those activities may entail.

I understand that while conduct, statements or any other occurrences in or in connection with the Series may otherwise constitute an actionable tort or other claims or causes of action, I have freely consented to such conduct and assume the risks thereof…

I shall notify Producer prior to participating in the Series of any physical, emotional, psychological or mental condition that might affect me or any other people involved in the Series. Moreover, I shall notify Producer immediately if, at any time, I have any concern about participating in any Series activity.

I understand that I am solely responsible for determining whether I am capable of participating in the Series and that, if I am unable to participate in any such activities or scenarios, I may be removed or otherwise eliminated from the Series.

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