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I will prob­a­bly write about EMP attacks more than oth­er types of attacks.  The rea­son is that I think that this is one of the most viable attacks from a for­eign pow­er that we could see in the future.  I also think that it is one of the most dan­ger­ous attacks that we could see in a sub­ur­ban and urban envi­ron­ment.  The rea­son I say that is because all pow­er is down there will be no food deliv­er­ies, all per­ish­able foods, will do just that, per­ish in the heat of spring, sum­mer, and fall weath­er.  Not many will know how to pre­serve their meats, and I can assure you that not many have a cache of items such as pow­dered eggs, pow­dered milk, pow­dered but­ter, dehy­drat­ed veg­eta­bles, etc. that they can recon­sti­tute at any time to cook a meal with, let alone hav­ing a gar­den where they can har­vest their own foods.

Peo­ple in NYC, NJ and oth­er urban and sub­ur­ban envi­ron­ments will be screwed.  Food will have to come by water, assum­ing there are boats with elec­tron­ics work­ing.  Mean­ing, food would have to be sailed in, and then dis­sem­i­nat­ed to an angry mob.  Oth­er coun­tries would have to come to our aid.  Prob­a­bly their mil­i­tary, send­ing ships of food, trans­porta­tion, gen­er­a­tors, pumps, etc. to our con­ti­nent, and would very quick­ly (or as quick­ly as they could) be mobi­lized as law enforce­ment because they will have to tools to be just that.

Even I need to be more self suf­fi­cient.  Anoth­er goal I am work­ing towards.

To my point, how­ev­er, I want­ed to share this blog post with you around poten­tial EMP attacks that I thought might be of inter­est:

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