Okay, the truth is I commented on a post over at SHTF Plan, on his post “When is it Okay to Defend Your Life and Your Family?”  Intellectually you might think, any time someone I don’t want on my property is there, or anytime someone threatens my family and I.  Well, according to the law in NY state, that is not so. Even when you are being threatened and broached upon by one of the most dangerous gangs in the world, MS-13, IMHO.

Now, here is the law in NY State Self Defense Law and here is the NY State Gun Law.  And, to boot, there are local laws about guns in various areas of NY State that further discuss carrying, brandishing, and discharge of them which further complicates the matter.

The question is, was Grier, who was arrested for firing several rounds into the ground as warning shots justified in defending himself and his family.

Here are a couple of videos, and the stories for your perusal.  My opinion is posted at the SHTF Plan blog.

Oh, and for the record, it was determined Grier owns the gun legally (not that he will get it back from police).

One Hour Documentary on MS-13 Gang

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