So if you haven’t been paying attention over the past few days, EMP is getting some blogspehere attention again.  As I have mentioned in previous posts, in the suburbs I see it as being a viable disruption for the group that would like to make it happen.  With that in mind, here are a few of those blog posts over the past few days:

I think that the blogsphere is a bit incestuous, as everyone has a different take on a topic and typically writes about it just after someone else writes about it.  In this case, it is a topic I watch closely.

Recently when in LA, during the last solar flare we had, my GPS was a mess for a whole day, giving me issues with directions.  I assumed it was due to the solar flare activity messing with the satellites.  It seems to happen almost every time there is a solar flare or storm.  Yes, I keep track in my head.  Jack sometimes = geek.

That said, after reading these three posts, all interesting in their own right, I set out to find a few plans to build EMPs so that I could possibly run some tests.  Run tests?  Yup, run tests.  I want to build Faraday Cages and test them out on small electronic objects.  I want to further understand the process of EMP to help protect myself and my electronics from it.  Some of the plans I found are below, and allow you to build direction and unidirectional EMP devices.  Some of the components are going to be more expensive than the others, but I think this might make for a good winter project for me.

Please excuse some of the ads on the pages, as they are a little risqué:

Here is a chronicle of an EMP Experimient (Parts 1 – 3)

As for Faraday Cages, they say your Microwave is a Faraday Cage because it keeps the electromagnetic microwaves from being released beyond the unit itself.  There is also some speculation on this, but there is only one way to find out…

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