So if you haven’t been pay­ing atten­tion over the past few days, EMP is get­ting some blogspe­here atten­tion again.  As I have men­tioned in pre­vi­ous posts, in the sub­urbs I see it as being a viable dis­rup­tion for the group that would like to make it hap­pen.  With that in mind, here are a few of those blog posts over the past few days:

I think that the blog­sphere is a bit inces­tu­ous, as every­one has a dif­fer­ent take on a top­ic and typ­i­cal­ly writes about it just after some­one else writes about it.  In this case, it is a top­ic I watch close­ly.

Recent­ly when in LA, dur­ing the last solar flare we had, my GPS was a mess for a whole day, giv­ing me issues with direc­tions.  I assumed it was due to the solar flare activ­i­ty mess­ing with the satel­lites.  It seems to hap­pen almost every time there is a solar flare or storm.  Yes, I keep track in my head.  Jack some­times = geek.

That said, after read­ing these three posts, all inter­est­ing in their own right, I set out to find a few plans to build EMPs so that I could pos­si­bly run some tests.  Run tests?  Yup, run tests.  I want to build Fara­day Cages and test them out on small elec­tron­ic objects.  I want to fur­ther under­stand the process of EMP to help pro­tect myself and my elec­tron­ics from it.  Some of the plans I found are below, and allow you to build direc­tion and uni­di­rec­tion­al EMP devices.  Some of the com­po­nents are going to be more expen­sive than the oth­ers, but I think this might make for a good win­ter project for me.

Please excuse some of the ads on the pages, as they are a lit­tle risqué:

Here is a chron­i­cle of an EMP Exper­im­ient (Parts 1 — 3)

As for Fara­day Cages, they say your Microwave is a Fara­day Cage because it keeps the elec­tro­mag­net­ic microwaves from being released beyond the unit itself.  There is also some spec­u­la­tion on this, but there is only one way to find out…

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