While flipping though the channels this evening, I came across a show called “Downsized,” and ironically to me, it was on the We channel.  So here is what the show is about;

The Bruce family is strapped for cash and $300 short on rent.  Fearing eviction, they spring into action.  Dad Todd tries to collect on a debt, while mom Laura secretly asks her parents for money.  Meanwhile the triplets decide to go dumpster diving in search of bottles to trade for cash.  Bailey is humiliated at the grocery store when a purchase with food stamps goes awry, while Heather gets a gift that fuels a growing rift between her and step sister Bailey. (Description taken from another Website).

So, the truth is I am not a fan of reality shows, especially those “Jersey Shore” type of shows.  That said, I watched this with some interest to try to understand others in economic disarray.  There were some points where I noticed subtle things about demeanor, clothing, jewelery, etc. that were a little out of sorts for a family 300.00 short on rent, but I try not to judge.  I want to understand what others are going through, and this show seemed to offer some of that.  But what it also did, was give me a glimpse of the pain many families may be experiencing.

All I will say, is that this show struck me.  Below is the preview if you are interested.

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