Project Update

I lamented two personal prepper issues here and here. A week after the solar oven fail, I successfully made the Arroz Con Pollo in about five hours in the sun. My lot’s shady profile presented a challenge, but I made it work. The only issue was I had to put it... Read more

And So It Goes, More Economic Crap

Confirmation has come to me that the economy, real estate, and things in our country just really suck.  I had dinner with another friend last night who lost her house this year due to state of the economy and the way her mortgage was structured.  Side note; it seems I... Read more

I Am “SO” Out of Touch

It’s true… I spent the weekend with a friend in AZ close to Fort Hauchuca.  Sierra Vista, AZ to be exact.  This is a friend I met when we were in the 6th grade in middle school.  We’ve known each other for about 27 years.  One of my oldest friends.... Read more