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Build a Home­made Berkey Water Fil­ter Build­ing Wind Tur­bines to Cre­ate Elec­tric­i­ty SHTF EMP Sce­nario A Les­son Learned Part 1 (Sce­nario) “Mosin-Nagant: The $100 .30–06” by Nut­n­fan­cy The Role of Den­tal Health in Sur­vival... Read more
Higher  Standards

Higher Standards

Survivalists/preppers have nev­er been por­trayed well in the mod­ern media and enter­tain­ment fields.  At best, they are por­trayed in as a com­i­cal cliché like in the 1983 movie “The Sur­vivors” (Wal­ter Matthau, Robin Williams, Jer­ry Reed – very fun­ny... Read more

Happy Independence Day, Everyone

Hey every­body, just a quick note today to say, Hap­py Inde­pen­dence Day, I hope you take a quick moment today to remem­ber what the hol­i­day is about. At the same time I hope you enjoy the day with your fam­i­lies and friends cel­e­brat­ing your inde­pen­dence and... Read more

Saturday Videos

Exec­u­tive Order 13575 “RURAL COUNCILS” World Econ­o­my Col­lapse Explained in Three Min­utes Preps of the Week North­face Recon Review... Read more