Here is a 34 page document on how to build yourself a Yurt as a semi portable shelter for camping or at your Bug Out Location.  If you don’t know what a Yurt is, click on the name Yurt and see a definition.  Don’t laugh when you see the pictures.  You can build this rather inexpensively, and add a wood stove for heat if you needed to, and survive in here for three seasons, and possibly four, if you have enough fire wood and a mild winter.

Buy an inexpensive piece of land in the country for your Bug Out Location, and this may be the perfect camping getaway until you can add a more permanent travel trailer, cabin, or home.  You could use it as a seasonal hunting cabin, and take it down afterward.

From “How Stuff Works:”

Yurts were beneficial to Mongolian nomads because of their portability. The nomads just needed a horse or two to carry their homes away, and smaller yurts may still easily fit in a car or a truck for that weekend camping trip. Setup and take down is easy as well, even for someone with no experience. It could take as little as half an hour, though a few hours is more likely. While you could complete the process on your own, it is easier with a helping hand or two. It’s even easy to move once already erected, should you decide that a patch of ground a few yards down would be a better spot.

The yurt has a proven record of withstanding the elements; just in Mongolia, it has endured rain, snow, wind and extreme heat. Because of its low height and circular structure, it’s easy to heat with just a fire in the stove and a few extra layers of insulation. Some of today’s models even come with extra insulation for colder climates. When it’s warm, the layers can be rolled back so that a breeze can enter, and lighter reed mats may be used to ensure privacy.  You can read the rest of the article, here.

Here is the link for the PDF.  It is 2.5MB and pretty large for a PDF.   It is 34 pages, but not all if it applies (especially the comments at the end of the document.  Enjoy:

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