I am going to pref­ace this post by say­ing, that this book is for those of us/you that know noth­ing about noth­ing.  It is for the sub­ur­ban and urban dweller that plugs stuff in, and thinks that is how elec­tric­i­ty works, or the per­son that turns on a faucet, and thinks that that is the only place water comes from.  It is not for the per­son that is a sea­soned prep­per or a sea­soned sur­vival­ist with the skills to match.  It is for the per­son that NEEDS to know what to do if the SHTF for them in a per­son­al emer­gency of some sort of a soci­etal emer­gency and they get stuck in the city or the sub­urbs and need to sur­vive.  It is a true man­u­al and primer for some­one look­ing to engage in sub­ur­ban sur­vival in the event they must.

The book will show the you how to get food, water, shel­ter in areas you did not con­sid­er before.  It will teach you about weath­er pat­terns, elec­tric­i­ty, trap food, start a fire, and water shed.  Don’t think you need to know about this stuff, well try lap­ping up some of the “mys­tery water” on the street in NYC and see how far you get before vom­it­ing or worse.  Then tell me the infor­ma­tion is not valu­able.  There is even a chap­ter on edi­ble plants.  Did you know that many wild plants even in a sub­ur­ban or urban envi­ron­ment pro­vide MORE nutri­tion­al val­ue than store bought veg­eta­bles?

This book takes into account the basic human need to sur­vive.  You can live three days with­out water, would­n’t it be nice to know how to dis­till it on the streets so that you can sur­vive longer than three days with­out it?

I per­son­al­ly believe this book is a great resource.  I keep a copy of it in my back­pack for busi­ness trav­el now so that I have a quick ref­er­ence in the event some­thing hap­pens and I am in my own SHTF sit­u­a­tion…

Tom Brown runs his Track­er School here in NJ.  I first heard of him while read­ing Neil Strauss’s Emer­gency: This Book Can Save Your Life.

You can get Tom Brown’s Field Guide, City and Sub­ur­ban Sur­vival here.

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