The Hen­ry AR‑7 comes with a small rail on top of the receiv­er for a scope.  As I am not thrilled with the rear peep site, I have had this on my list to pur­chase for about a month or two.   This past week­end, I spent a few dol­lars on a 4 x 32 scope for my Hen­ry.  Brand is unim­por­tant to me at this point, because I could not com­pe­tent­ly review a scope if my life depend­ed on it.  I know how to sight them in, and for my Hen­ry, I can tell you I spent $42.00 on it, and at this junc­ture, am hap­py with that.  I prob­a­bly could have saved $10.00 by order­ing it online, but want­ed to give the gun shop I go to the busi­ness.  I like doing that when I can.  I also walked out of there with a new com­pressed 50 degree sleep­ing bag from chi­nook, and a cou­ple of extra ban­dan­nas as well.

After bring­ing it home I fit­ted the scope, and will take it to the range before the end of the week to site it in.  I recent­ly also pur­chased two 16″ MOLLE pock­ets to attach to the sides of my BOB (I have a post com­ing up about the con­tents of my BOB), and slipped a brick of 500 rounds of CCI .22 ammu­ni­tion, the Hen­ry AR‑7, and the scope in one of the pock­ets.  It was a tight fit, but they seem to fit in there fine.

I am look­ing for­ward to get­ting to the range, prob­a­bly tomor­row evening after work, and sight­ing in the scope…

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