The other night at dinner we got talking about ammunition caches… We discussed at a high leve what we thought everyone should have (personally speaking, of course).  One of the guys brought up JWR’s guide to ammo storage.  As you may or may not know, I think JWR, is a gear nut and that he is a little over the top about many things.  Don’t get me wrong, JWR is the defacto resource for many survivalists and preppers, however, I think, and it is his choice to be a gear heavy guy.  Not a bad thing, it is also a business for him… I have a ton of respect for him, his blog, and his business.  Hell, he was one of the first resources online I found when I started prepping… 

However, with his ammo suggestions I actually think he is light on the battle rifle and other options.  I think that 2000 rounds is not enough.  I think it should be in the 3000 – 5000 rounds, personally…. Here are my personal mods to that list:

By Category:
  • Battle Rifle: 2500 – 5000 rds per
  • See above, but between having the ammo storage, target practice, tactical scenario drills, etc. 2000 rounds just is not
  • enough.  It is easy to blow through 500 – 1000 rounds in a day depending on the type of training you are undertaking…
  • Hunting Rifle: 500 rds per
  • You really do not need this much unless you are hunting almost once a week for game, and if that is the case you will need to travel for your hunting as there WILL be others in your region doing the same.  You are better off hunting smaller game than going for deer, bear, etc. and your .22 is a better gun for this and more economical)  500 rounds should last you years since most hunters that hunt during deer season alone, will only go through 10 – 50 rounds sighting in their rifle and taking a deer or two for the whole season).
  • Primary Handgun: 800 rds per
  • Minimum… I say at least 1000 – 1500 rounds.  Ever go to the range and blow through 3 or 4 boxes of ammo for your primary, come home and weeks later ask yourself where the ammo went and curse yourself because you didn’t buy more?  I used to do it all the time…
  • .22 Rimfire: 2000 rds per 
  • 2500 – 5000 rounds minimum.  First, it is inexpensive  enough, second, you can shoot it all day for practice instead of your battle rifle and save a bundle if you are doing a run & gun, at the range or plinking aluminum cans in the woods with your buddy… Second, 1000 rounds of .22 can go in your backpack with some weight gain; but guess what, you are now holding 1000 rounds of ammunition with you for various situations… With a battle rifle most people will carry what they can carry in their magazines, and a few mor boxes, before it gets too heavy… 
  • Riot Gun: 500 rds per
  • This one I think is subjective, because there are only specific times most people are going to use a shotgun.  I happen to think a shotgun is a good weapon to own, however, even though it is scatter shot, you should still practice with it when you can… Maybe 750 – 1000 rounds here.
I bulk up the ammo requirements primarily because in a SHTF or TEOTWAWKI situation may not have gun shops open and you may literally need to raid your own ammo store and having a little more to put you at a “JWR normal storage level” after use/practice is not necessarily a bad thing.  Not necessarily for “battle” but primarily for target shooting, etc.  Ever teach someone how to shoot?  Did you bring your own ammo?  If you have, you know that you go through a lot of ammo, just teaching them how to properly aim.  When they start to get better, they will use as much as much ammo as you do when target practicing.  Think of ammunition as food preps.  Add another person and your preps are cut exponentially.  Ammo is a consumable like food, and I feel should be treated as such.  
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