Just lis­ten­ing to this now while I bang out some emails for work.  A cou­ple days ago, Jack Spirko at The Sur­vival Pod­cast pub­lished a pod­cast about the “20 Sim­ple Steps to Basic Pre­pared­ness.”  So far pret­ty good, and I am learn­ing a few things.

Here is the con­tent of the Pod­cast:

  • Step one – keep a food log
  • Step two – keep a spend­ing log
  • Step three – per­form a risk assess­ment on your life and geog­ra­phy
  • Step four – build a basic black out kit
  • Step five – build a basic first aid kit
  • Step six – start copy can­ning
  • Step sev­en – cut two expens­es, just two of your choos­ing
  • Step eight – Build a basic 72 Hour Kit – BOB
  • Step nine – buy some source of back up pow­er – any source
  • Step ten – get some source of back up heat­ing
  • Step eleven – build two 7.5 gal­lon tubs or four 5 gal­lon buck­ets emer­gency food
  • Step twelve – store a min­i­mum of 50 gal­lons of water, more if you can
  • Step thir­teen – acquire a min­i­mum or two emer­gency radios
  • Step four­teen – acquire some means of back up com­mu­ni­ca­tions
  • Step fif­teen – build a basic doc­u­men­ta­tion pack
  • Step six­teen – build up a 30 day sup­ply or com­mer­cial long term stor­age food for your house hold
  • Step sev­en­teen – learn at lest 2 meth­ods of food stor­age
  • Step eigh­teen – find a local farmer’s mar­ket and vis­it often, learn about sea­son­al oppor­tu­ni­ties
  • Step nine­teen – learn to cook 5 items you have nev­er eat­en before with stor­able items
  • Step twen­ty – store up a rea­son­able amount of COH (cash on hand)
  • Step twen­ty-one (bonus) – affirm your right and respon­si­bil­i­ty to sur­vive

You can nav­i­gate right to the site, and check it out.

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