Just listening to this now while I bang out some emails for work.  A couple days ago, Jack Spirko at The Survival Podcast published a podcast about the “20 Simple Steps to Basic Preparedness.”  So far pretty good, and I am learning a few things.

Here is the content of the Podcast:

  • Step one – keep a food log
  • Step two – keep a spending log
  • Step three – perform a risk assessment on your life and geography
  • Step four – build a basic black out kit
  • Step five – build a basic first aid kit
  • Step six – start copy canning
  • Step seven – cut two expenses, just two of your choosing
  • Step eight – Build a basic 72 Hour Kit – BOB
  • Step nine – buy some source of back up power – any source
  • Step ten – get some source of back up heating
  • Step eleven – build two 7.5 gallon tubs or four 5 gallon buckets emergency food
  • Step twelve – store a minimum of 50 gallons of water, more if you can
  • Step thirteen – acquire a minimum or two emergency radios
  • Step fourteen – acquire some means of back up communications
  • Step fifteen – build a basic documentation pack
  • Step sixteen – build up a 30 day supply or commercial long term storage food for your house hold
  • Step seventeen – learn at lest 2 methods of food storage
  • Step eighteen – find a local farmer’s market and visit often, learn about seasonal opportunities
  • Step nineteen – learn to cook 5 items you have never eaten before with storable items
  • Step twenty – store up a reasonable amount of COH (cash on hand)
  • Step twenty-one (bonus) – affirm your right and responsibility to survive

You can navigate right to the site, and check it out.

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