So I caught this on this guy’s blog today, and had to share.  It is great thinking in a situation where the SHTF and you would have to improvise.  This is something you can build, and modify for cooking or heat if you need to.  I am going to build one shortly and test it myself:

This was an exercise in swiftly constructing a very cheap yet usefull semi airtight stove, with minimal tools: a skrewdriver and rock to punch out the vent hole and a hack saw to cutting the electrical conduit.

I saw two others on the web but none had a top cooking surface. Smoke escapes better when it’s tilted up in the rear.

Click for larger image

Click for larger image

The conduit was bent into a ‘U’ shape, shoved into the ground and wired to the mail box. The other length holds up the 2″ gutter flue. I did add some wood skrews along the bottom edges to help seal up air leaks. Total cost was about $35 dollars.

WARNING:  Do not use a galvanized mailbox.  The zinc will give off toxic fumes with heated.

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