So I caught this on this guy’s blog today and had to share.  It is great think­ing in a sit­u­a­tion where the SHTF and you would have to impro­vise.  This is some­thing you can build, and mod­i­fy for cook­ing or heat if you need to.  I am going to build one short­ly and test it myself…

This was an exer­cise in swift­ly con­struct­ing a very cheap yet use­ful semi air­tight stove, with min­i­mal tools: a screw­driv­er and rock to punch out the vent hole and a hack saw to cut the elec­tri­cal con­duit.

I saw two oth­ers on the web but none had a top cook­ing sur­face. Smoke escapes bet­ter when it’s tilt­ed up in the rear.

Click for larg­er image

Click for a larg­er image

The con­duit was bent into a ‘U’ shape, shoved into the ground, and wired to the mail­box. The oth­er length holds up the 2″ gut­ter flue. I did add some wood screws along the bot­tom edges to help seal up air leaks. The total cost was about $35 dol­lars.

WARNING:  Do not use a gal­va­nized mail­box.  The zinc will give off tox­ic fumes with heat.

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