The EBT Scare, Panic, and the Lesson

by suburban October 14, 2013 Economy

Over the weekend you no doubt heard about the EBT outage that bright the system to a halt.  If you don’t know what EBT is, it means “Electronic Benefits Transfer” and is the electronic version of the “Food Stamp Program.”  So, this means that  instead of receiving paper food stamps and paper checks, you are issued […]

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On the 2012 Presidential Election, My Personal Thoughts, More Emotional Than Not

by suburban November 7, 2012 Politics

A few thoughts on the election: I try to avoid the politics, but this morning I feel compelled to speak out. I stayed up late last evening to watch the election results in disbelief. Being a conservative. Being a person who just wants to be left alone to work and live. Being a person who […]

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The SHTF Is Here – Hurray (NOT!!)

by ST December 27, 2011 Economy

That title caught your attention for sure! But believe it or not, there are people out there who actually want and hope for a massive, national SHTF event! You can see it in the way many people on a large number of prepper sites write or the videos they produce. They are outright gitty at […]

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Saturday Videos

by suburban October 8, 2011 Politics

2 Activists Not Sure on Communist Solution SHTF CREW TAG The Day of Darkness Came Surviving Hypothermic Conditions Live, Laugh, Prepare… WROL Spring Development    

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Saddened, Stupidity, and Concerned. The Occupy Wall Street Protest(s)

by suburban October 3, 2011 Civil Unrest

It’s Monday morning.  I am working from home, and I just have to get this off my chest before I actually start working.  This has been burning all weekend long in my brain…  I was going to wait to post this until later in the week, but just couldn’t  Had to get published now… I […]

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September 11th – 10 Years Later

by ST September 6, 2011 Airport Security

This 9/11 marks not just another passing year but an anniversary. It’s been 10 years since that fateful day in 2001. I was working in lower Manhattan off Wall Street at that time. The whole thing unfolded before my eyes. But this day isn’t about me. It’s about three things: One – The 3,000 American […]

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Important Lessons From the S&P Downgrade and Market Reaction.

by ST August 16, 2011 Economy

Not even a week after the S&P downgrade of American government debt, and the financial market reaction to it, and a very clear set of lessons for preppers is emerging clearly. As the scenario unfolds more analysis can be applied and more conclusions drawn. But right now there are a few lessons that are glaring […]

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Are Preppers Being “Set UP” on YouTube?

by ST July 26, 2011 General

There are hundreds if not thousands of prepper video on YouTube. If you haven’t already tried it, just do a search for SHTF or WROL and you’ll see what comes up (and that doesn’t include “survivalist”, “prepper”, “survival”, “economic collapse” etc). The videos range in quality from someone with a PC cam and a headset […]

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by ST July 12, 2011 Civil Unrest

Famine – a severe shortage of food, as through crop failure or overpopulation. (“famine.” Collins English Dictionary – Complete & Unabridged 10th Edition. HarperCollins Publishers.) More than merely a shortage or higher prices, “famine” is the extreme low end of scale. It is a systemic problem, not merely a matter of poor distribution or lack […]

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CERT Training Completed

by Prepperjim July 6, 2011 first aid

I recently completed my Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) training. First some background and then an evaluation from a prepper perspective. CERT’s were formed in the wake of the September 11th attacks via executive order. The training agenda was adapted from material developed by the Los Angeles Fire Department in 1985. The Emergency Management Institute […]

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