Learn To Read A Map!!

by ST June 28, 2011 General

This is as much an article as a rant. I can’t believe how many people cannot follow simple travel directions or read a basic road map! I’m not talking about a topography or geo survey map. Not even a marine chart. Just a basic road map. Nor am I referring to cryptic instructions or vague […]

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My Survival and Outdoor iPhone Apps

by suburban June 20, 2010 Books

When I bought my iPhone last year, I quickly realized it had the potential to be a survival tool  My search for iPhone apps under “camping, hiking, and survival” quickly returned many options for me.  I have tried a bunch of them, and am using the ‘best ones for me’ at the moment.  They may […]

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Car Preparedness, Part 5, Hygiene, Navigation, and Fire

by suburban May 23, 2010 Fire

First, It has probably been a week since my last post.  So much for a post a day.  I was traveling this past week on business, and it was a busy week. Today we are going to talk about hygiene, navigation, and fire making products to keep in your car in your preparedness kit.  Here […]

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