Inexpensive DIY Tin Can Lighting and Cooking

by suburban February 4, 2014 Cooking

As a life prepper and survival expert in the high desert there are certain things that I center on when it comes to my families safety, comfort and survival. The concentration for todays article is on DIY light. Contrary to popular myth the high desert of Arizona and New Mexico does not always have a […]

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September is National Preparedness Month

by Prepperjim September 14, 2011 Cooking

Our government has designated September as “National Preparedness Month“. This contrasts with the FBI’s profiling preppers as potential terrorists. I imagine the message is “be prepared”, but don’t be too prepared. We still want you dependent upon the government, so don’t become independent! ūüėČ So, what skill do you want to develop for National Preparedness […]

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Apartment Prepping for Fall and Winter

by suburban September 1, 2010 Bug In

Well, the end of August is coming, and the weather is starting to change a bit; evenings are getting cooler, and days are starting to get a bit shorter. ¬†This to me is a clear sign of a few things. ¬†One, some of my Bug Out Bag contents need to be rotated out soon with […]

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DIY – Old Fashioned Torch for Light

by suburban July 15, 2010 Bushcraft

Please note that they are relatively unstable and should not be used for anything other than emergency or novelty purposes. I.E. I do not suggest using these to be part of some sort of dungeon themed room since they would probably light your house on fire. **Be careful, I do not want some law suit […]

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