Does Your Job Help You Stay Prepped, Trained, and Fit?

by suburban January 3, 2016 Health

I work from home remotely from my company’s office.  It is a curse and a blessing.  I can get a LOT done in a shorter period of time because almost as soon as I wake up, wipe the sleep out of my eyes, I am at work… When I need some flex time to go […]

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Worrying about the “New” Tick Borne Disease? Read Up On The Hype Here.

by Cameron Green of GAPP April 18, 2015 Bushcraft

You may have heard in the news recently about the tick borne virus, Powasson, being spread in the north east and the great lakes region. Warnings released from several health officials have prompted news outlets to pick up the story… but the headlines, and even the articles, are very misleading. A prime example is this […]

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Raise Your Hand if You’ve Ever Used Your Fish Mox

by suburban March 11, 2014 Health

Two weeks ago I traveled for work.  Over the weekend, I felt myself starting to feel like crap.  By Monday I felt like I had strep throat and bronchitis.  having both of them in the past I basically self diagnosed.  I was going to dive into my stash of Amoxicillin, however, as a prepper, I […]

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Sucker Punched

by suburban December 30, 2013 Health

You’re going along in life.  Everything is going well.  Then *WHAM!!*  Something small, silly yet devastating happens that knocks the wind out of your sails. So it was for me the week before Thanksgiving this year. The Monday the week before Thanksgiving somewhere in my day I ate something my entire digestive system didn’t like […]

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Homemade Electrolyte Replacements (Homemade Gatorade)

by suburban March 25, 2013 Health

My girlfriend’s dog has been sick the past couple of days.  Dehydrated, lethargic, etc.   This got me thinking when I was doing several searches online for how to adequately keep him hydrated.  By doing several Google searches I found a LOT of information on sick pets, dehydration, vomiting, etc.  It got me thinking, that in a […]

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Hygiene In the Field, or Bug Out Hygiene

by suburban September 6, 2012 Bug Out

I’ve done a lot of camping this summer, and with the drought, you can imagine it was pretty hot out there.  I can attest that it was.  At our camp site we cut a lot of wood, and we used much of it for the camp fire.  Those were hot days swinging an axe, and […]

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Book Review: Surviving the Economic Collapse

by Prepperjim November 9, 2011 Barter

I recently heard of a man called Fernando “Ferfal” Aguirre from Jack Spirko over at The Survival Podcast. Ferfal is from Argentina and has lived through their economic crash from December 2001 until today. He wrote a booked about his experience called Surviving The Economic Collapse. He also has a blog called The Modern Survivalist. I […]

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September is National Preparedness Month

by Prepperjim September 14, 2011 Cooking

Our government has designated September as “National Preparedness Month“. This contrasts with the FBI’s profiling preppers as potential terrorists. I imagine the message is “be prepared”, but don’t be too prepared. We still want you dependent upon the government, so don’t become independent! 😉 So, what skill do you want to develop for National Preparedness […]

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Doomsday Blues

by Prepperjim July 20, 2011 Civil Unrest

Just like generations past, there are plenty of issues on the horizon that present a challenge to our day and age. Almost every day someone predicts doom is around the corner, mostly so they can point to their YouTube video or blog and say “I told you so.”  We are continually hearing that: The Rapture […]

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Whey Protein As An Essential Prep?

by suburban July 7, 2011 Food

While on and off my fitness kick this year, I have supplemented my daily diet with a morning protein shake mixed with fat free milk, water, ice, and various fruits that would mix with protein powders well.  I have been on the quest for the perfect protein powder with no real success, although Muscle Milk, […]

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